Sky’s the Limit: How to Kickstart Your Aerospace Career in Wichita

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Sky’s the Limit: How to Kickstart Your Aerospace Career in Wichita

The aerospace industry has always been one of pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges. This industry attracts a certain type of person who thrives when the stakes and rewards are high.

There is a wide range of professions in aerospace, and they all involve technical problem-solving. Aerospace professionals are also asked to innovate, follow strict guidelines, and meet demanding deadlines. The rewards for meeting these challenges are significant. In addition to being well-compensated, aerospace professionals also advance new technologies in areas like aerodynamics, avionics, and emissions reduction.

Aerospace is more than just an industry. It’s a calling and a commitment. A career in aerospace isn’t the path of least resistance, but it is a path many people love. Locally, many people find Wichita aerospace jobs and pursue career success with the help of top aerospace recruiters in Kansas.

What are the Requirements to Have a Career in Aerospace?

Although general labor positions in the aerospace industry don’t require significant education or experience, aerospace workers must have specific education, training, and experience in the field.

Getting started in a field like avionics or aerospace engineering requires a degree. Classes on electronics, aerospace principles, and other technical subjects provide an essential knowledge base for skill development. College graduates can always fall back on their foundational learning whether they are just starting their aerospace careers or are at an advanced stage.

Many aerospace careers also require specialized training, especially those career paths in the skilled trades. These training programs build foundational skills and expose budding tradespeople to standard practices and technologies. Aerospace professionals in different fields can earn certifications that verify their competencies in aircraft maintenance and systems engineering.

Given the high stakes and demanding nature of careers in aerospace, most people also pursue hands-on experience through internships and co-op programs. Entry-level positions are also a great way to get a foot in the door, learn about a company, and gain useful industry experience. These early experiences also provide great perspectives for people setting their sights on the upper reaches of an aerospace career ladder.

Working hard toward career success in aerospace doesn’t stop once you’ve advanced past entry-level positions. Mid-career professionals tend to shift their focus away from technical know-how and toward soft skills like problem-solving, team-building, and leadership.

It’s also critical for aerospace professionals to stay on top of the latest industry trends, regardless of where they are in their careers. Technology moves quickly in every industry, but especially so in aerospace. Following the latest news, attending workshops, and participating in professional networks are all very effective ways to keep your finger on the pulse and positioned for ongoing career success.

What Strategies Can Job Seekers Use to Find Aerospace Jobs in Wichita?

Finding work is critical to success in aerospace, and getting a new job doesn’t happen by accident. Local job seekers should take a strategic approach whenever they need to find Wichita aerospace jobs. Many find success by researching top employers, networking with industry professionals, attending events, and working with aviation recruiters.

Research Top Aerospace Companies in Wichita

All aerospace jobs aren’t created equal. While some positions allow you to thrive and advance your career by leaps and bounds, other jobs can stifle your growth and even discourage you from moving forward.

The best way to find the best aerospace jobs is to research. The more you know about a company, the less likely you’ll find yourself in a bad position. Online resources are an excellent starting point. Many websites have employer reviews and employee testimonials. Websites like Glassdoor can be a goldmine, but it’s important to understand that these sites attract more disgruntled employees than people who want to rave about their employer. Numerous publications and websites publish “top places to work” lists that indicate the best employers.

Visiting potential employers’ official websites and social media profiles is also helpful. These resources tend to present a polished view of a company, but they can give you a sense of the best aspects of working there. Official websites and social media profiles can also give you a sense of a company’s corporate culture.

Network with Industry Professionals

In the same way, a strong support network can help you through challenges in your personal life, a strong professional network can help you in many different ways, including when it comes to finding a job.

The easiest way to network with aerospace industry professionals is to look inside your own personal circle. Family members, friends, former classmates, and former coworkers in Wichita can all be potential contacts in the aerospace industry. Also, ask around any organizations you might belong to in your personal life, including church groups, benevolent organizations, and recreational or youth athletics.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for networking with industry professionals. The social media platform can help you identify possible connections from your professional past. You can also find secondary connections and ask a mutual connection for an introduction.

Finally, attending networking and industry events is always a good idea. While attending these events doesn’t tend to produce the high-quality connections that might come from your personal connections, networking events can still bear fruit. Even if you don’t make lasting connections at a particular event, the conversations you have can help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. Posting about these events on LinkedIn or social media can also show that you’re taking an active role in your career and are passionate about your industry.

Attend Career Fairs and Industry Events

The local aerospace industry regularly holds recruitment events where you can learn about openings and potential employers. There are also online forums that can help you grow your network and find out about job openings.

Work with Aerospace Recruitment Agencies in Wichita

One of the most effective ways to find local aerospace jobs is to work with aerospace recruitment agencies in Wichita. These local agencies have their fingers on the pulse of the aerospace industry and the local job market.

How Does Working with Top Aerospace Recruiters Benefit Job Seekers?

Working with top aerospace recruiters can benefit job seekers in many different ways. Recruiters have industry expertise and can offer well-informed career advice. Through their connection with potential employers, they also have access to job openings that haven’t been made public yet. Partnering with top aerospace recruiters is the only way to access this “hidden” job market. Recruiters can also connect you to best-fit job opportunities, offer application assistance, provide support in negotiations, and continue to support your career success even after you’ve been placed in a job.

Aerospace Recruiters Possess Industry Expertise

When a recruiter specializes in a certain industry, they gain a deep understanding of that field. They also get to know the types of people who work in the industry and what kinds of jobs candidates employers are seeking at any given moment. Specialized recruiters also understand what employees are willing to pay for various positions and how to get the most compensation possible for job seekers.

Given their industry expertise, aerospace recruiters can become a top-notch asset for people looking to kickstart their aerospace careers. These recruiters are OK and listen to your story and your objectives, then offer advice on targeting certain jobs, putting together a great application, and negotiating job offers.

Access to Hidden Opportunities

Recruiters talk to employers daily, and during the course of those conversations, they find out about internal job postings and positions that have just opened up. These “hidden” job opportunities aren’t available to the general public per se, and top aerospace recruiters can connect you to these additional job opportunities.

Tailored Job Matches

When searching for a new job on your own, it’s hard to figure out which positions best fit you in terms of corporate culture and your work style. Local recruiters can help you determine which Wichita aerospace jobs best fit your qualifications and personality.

Provide Support with Optimizing Resumes and Preparing for Interviews

Recruiters at an aerospace recruitment agency understand what companies Industry wants for their open positions. These recruiters are well positioned to help you optimize your resume, prepare for interviews with specific companies and essentially become the best possible candidate for a specific open position.

Offer Negotiation Assistance with Aerospace Companies

If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to advocate for yourself and get the best deal possible, then you should seriously consider working with an aerospace recruitment agency in Wichita. Top aerospace recruiters understand the pay rates for various positions and how candidates can flex their muscles to get the best deal possible. Aerospace talent is in high demand and you need to ensure you don’t leave any money on the table during negotiations.

Ongoing Career Support

When it comes to working with an employment agency, many people think they’ll never hear from the agency again after they’ve been placed in a position. That just isn’t true. Top aerospace recruiters want to stay connected to professionals in the industry in case they need job search assistance in the future. Therefore, if you’ve worked with an aerospace recruitment agency in Wichita, you can always go back to that agency later in your career.

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