What Are the Top Careers in the Aerospace Industry?

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What Are the Top Careers in the Aerospace Industry?

Have you ever looked into the sky to watch a plane fly overhead and thought about what it would be like to work in aviation?

Working in this dynamic and fast-paced industry isn’t as far out of reach as those planes in the sky. This is especially true in the Great Wichita Region, which has a robust aviation job market. Known as the Air Capital of the World, Wichita is the place to be if you want to explore a thrilling and well-compensated career in aerospace and aviation.

Aviation jobs in Wichita range from entry-level positions to top executive roles. These jobs are in various professions, from engineering to industrial manufacturing. Understanding the range of jobs in the local aerospace industry can help you understand the top careers. Job recruiters in Wichita can help you understand the different career possibilities that are out there and connect you to jobs that will put you on the path to success.

What are the Top Aviation Jobs in Wichita?

Employment agencies in Wichita are fantastic resources for finding open positions, and agency recruiters can help you understand the top aviation jobs in the area. The following are some examples of the top jobs you should be seeking. Some of these jobs have significantly higher pay rates than others, but all of these positions are key steps to a successful career in aviation.

Structural Mechanic

Structural mechanics repair and maintain aircraft. This requires a particular set of skills that includes technical know-how and problem-solving. Mechanics should be able to read technical drawings and understand what mechanical fixes are needed to ensure an aircraft is safe to fly. Mechanics also need to figure out why something isn’t working correctly and use their experience to ensure an aircraft’s structural integrity and functionality. While structural mechanics tend to have a military background, many people in these positions also come from a civilian background.

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical designers work with mechanical engineers to design equipment based on specifications. While engineers are tasked with the initial design of a mechanical system, designers are responsible for specific details related to individual components. Designers must consider specifications and limitations when developing technical plans for a component. This requires a strong technical understanding of aviation systems.

Electrical Designer

In the aviation industry, electrical designers take design specifications from electrical engineers and develop components of an aircraft’s electrical systems, also known as avionics. To do this, electrical designers use design software to plan electrical components based on specifications laid out by an engineer. Designers will then create prototypes for testing and troubleshooting so they can address any issues in their designs. Electrical design teams work with mechanical design teams to incorporate the electrical systems they develop into an aircraft.

Production Manager

Production managers can be found in various manufacturing industries, including aircraft manufacturing. These professionals are responsible for overseeing production processes. They address any production-related issues that pop up, and continually work to make processes more efficient. Production managers must have aviation-specific knowledge related to regulatory standards and production equipment in the aviation industry. They also coach production workers and coordinate with upper-level management to meet production goals.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineers work in many different industrial fields. Generally speaking, they are responsible for integrating hardware and software systems in a piece of machinery or a vehicle. In the aviation industry, systems engineers focus on integrating the various systems that allow an aircraft to take off, fly safely, and land. With the industry constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies, systems engineers working in aviation must always stay on top of the latest developments. This can include the latest aerospace software or upcoming security measures based on new federal regulations. Systems engineers work with other technical personnel to ensure all of the equipment on an aircraft is working together and functioning properly.

Aeronautical Engineer

Arguably the most high-profile professional in the aviation industry, an aeronautical engineer is responsible for the overall design of an aircraft. These professionals are among the most important in the industry and are well compensated for it. These engineers must understand everything from production processes to pieces of individual aeronautical equipment to the latest federal aviation regulations. Although it requires significant education and experience, a career as an aeronautical engineer can be highly rewarding in many different ways.

Why Candidates Should Partner with Employment Agencies in Wichita to Find Aviation Jobs?

When pursuing the top careers in aviation, employment agencies in Wichita are an invaluable resource. Aviation professionals who partner with these agencies immediately gain access to top aviation jobs in Wichita. Agencies can also connect you to the best-fit job opportunities and follow up with interview support. Recruiters can also connect you to so-called hidden opportunities that haven’t been made public yet.

Job Recruiters in Wichita Have Connections Within the Aviation Industry

Agency recruiters have the job of finding top talent for local aviation companies. Part of this job is making connections within the industry so they are at the top of their minds when a hiring manager needs to fill an open position. When job seekers connect with employment agencies in Wichita, they immediately gain access to all of the connections agency recruiters have been cultivating. As you probably know, these connections are invaluable. At the very least, a connection can get you a foot in the door at a company you would otherwise have an outside shot of getting into. A strong connection through an agency recruiter can make you the odds-on favorite for an open position, assuming you are well-qualified.

Tailored Job Matching

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting excited about a new job and finding out that your new position isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe your boss turned out to be far less supportive than you thought they would be. Maybe the company culture is very regimented, and you prefer a casual approach. Whatever the reason, a poor job fit can be demoralizing and a career setback.

Job recruiters in Wichita have extensive experience when it comes to placing people in positions. They also understand the company culture at various employers across the local aviation industry. When you work with a local recruiter, they can use this knowledge and experience to ensure you have the best chance for success in a new job. This kind of insight is hard to access without partnering with employment agencies in Wichita.

Employment Agencies Offer Interview Support

Nothing feels better than nailing the job interview, and local job recruiters can give you a leg up when it comes to impressing hiring managers. Job recruiters in Wichita have personal connections with many hiring managers. They not only understand the technical qualifications and soft skills you need to get the job, but they also understand what a particular hiring manager wants to see in their ideal candidate. Recruiters can use this insider information to maximize your chances of acing the interview and getting the job offer.

Access to Hidden Opportunities

Open positions in the aviation industry are easy to find. Unfortunately, publicly posted jobs only represent a small fraction of the total number of open positions at any given time. According to some estimates, only about 20 percent of all open positions are publicly available.

So, where are the remaining 80 percent of open positions? The vast majority of job postings are only posted internally, or they are never posted at all. Many open jobs are filled through employee referrals and personal connections. You have a very small chance of accessing this in the job market without a connection.

Because job recruiters in Wichita have personal connections to hiring managers at different companies, they have a direct line in this hidden job market. Therefore, when you partner with employment agencies in Wichita, you gain instant access to this hidden job market.

Are There Chances for Career Advancement in Aviation Roles?

The aviation industry offers many career advancement opportunities. However, these opportunities must be sought out and earned.

One way to advance your aviation career is to get more education by taking classes and earning certifications. This approach requires time and money, but it is very effective. Another way to advance your career is to get more experience. Aviation job recruiters can help you chart a career path that leverages experience in past positions to take on more advanced roles. In fact,  this latter approach can help with the former approach, as some employers will pay for additional education and certifications.

Job recruiters are valuable for growing your career and taking on more advanced roles in the aviation industry.

Connect with a Recruiter to Find the Best Aviation Jobs in Wichita

At Top Notch Personnel, we have deep roots in the local aviation industry and a broad network of local employers. When you look for work in the industry through us, you gain immediate access to this vast and deep network. If you’d like to learn about our current opportunities, visit our job board or contact us online today.