Plan for Projects with Summer Temporary Employees

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Plan for Projects with Summer Temporary Employees

Summer Interns


The sun is warmer, the days longer. Summer is just around the corner. And with it comes the demands of your busy season! You need people, but not just any people. You need talented, capable, short-term temporary employees who will hit the ground running and help you meet your target goals.

Temporary or Contract

While the words ‘contract’ and ‘temporary’ are often substituted for one another, they are not entirely interchangeable. Temporary workers, or ‘temps’ are typically employees hired through a staffing or placement agency. Temps work on-site for short assignments that may last a single day, several weeks, or months.

Temporary workers are paid directly by the placement agency. Your company deals directly with the agency, not with the temporary employee. It is the responsibility of the agency to pay the temp’s salary, deduct any applicable taxes, and do all associated paperwork. And that means less work for you.

A contract worker, however, is a direct-hire. While they are still working with you for a short, pre-determined period of time, the duration is often longer than that of a temp assignment. Think of it this way: a temp worker might fill in for a couple of weeks while an employee is out with the flu. Whereas you might bring in a contract worker to cover a maternity or other extended leave situation.

When is a Temp the Right Choice?

Temporary employees are no longer limited to lower-paying positions like clerical or labor. While both are still well represented in temporary staffing, you may be surprised to find marketers, accounting professionals, and other mid-level career professionals available for short-term assignments.


Many people think of flexibility as the main benefit to working with temporary employees. But it doesn’t stop there! Consider some of these additional employee benefits:

  • Temps can deliver specialized skills to complete a specific, one-time task;
  • Temps can bring new energy and enthusiasm to a team that may be feeling burned out;
  • They can be on-site quickly to do a task that your current employees either don’t have the time, or the desire, to complete. (Is an overhaul of your entire filing system long overdue?)
  • You can ramp up productivity with little onboarding time. The best temps thrive in demanding environments and can often be up to speed in remarkably short time;
  • Once you’ve worked with a temp, you may want to have them return for additional jobs in other departments. They’ve proven their abilities and have acquired a basic understanding of your day-to-day operations that can come in handy for pop-up tasks requiring immediate unexpected attention.

Are you struggling to keep things on track in light of a sudden employee absence? Has a key customer moved their deadline? If you’re still unsure about whether a temp would be the right choice for your current or upcoming needs, contact any of the talented team members at Top Notch Personnel for great advice and recommendations. And if you think you’ll be busy this summer, be sure to plan ahead by partnering with a top notch temporary staffing agency today!

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