3 Things You Must Show the Interviewer During the Interview

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3 Things You Must Show the Interviewer During the Interview

3 Things You Must Show Your Interview

On paper, it can be difficult to see what sets one person apart from another; what makes one candidate a better fit for a position. That’s why the interview is so important. It’s more than just a meet-and-greet, it’s a chance for you to stand out from the crowd and show the hiring manager you have everything they’re looking for. And how do you do that? By always showing these three things to an interviewer during the interview!


Employers don’t just want to hire somebody; they want to hire the right person for the job. Hiring managers want to hire candidates who demonstrate a passion for their work. Let your excitement and drive shine during the interview. By convincing the interviewer that you can not only perform the job to their satisfaction, but you can also hit the ground running, you’re stacking the chips in your favor. Inquire about the challenges associated with the position and talk about relevant work or situations you’ve been in, your achievements and accomplishments. This is also an excellent opportunity to pull out some of that pre-interview research you did about the company, demonstrating your knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the organization.

A Good Fit

Hiring managers want to know that the person they hire will fit in with the organization, its people, and its culture. Fitting in is more than just being capable of performing the tasks associated with the position, it’s about being considered likable by those around you. Demonstrate likeability by sharing your understanding of working in an environment similar to the one you’re applying for. Ask probing, intelligent questions during the interview to further illustrate your interest, and to grow your knowledge of the company. A good interview should be more than a straightforward question and answer session; in the best situations, it is a dynamic to-and-fro conversation, that builds rapport. Rapport comes from finding common ground, with the role, the company, or the person who is interviewing you. And it shows you’ll fit right in!

Be Memorable For The Interviewer

You may not be the only interview the hiring manager will see in one day, but you want to be the only one they remember! It’s understandable if you’re a little nervous, but being too withdrawn or shy can be a disadvantage to getting the job. Remember, candidates who show a little of their unique personalities are more memorable; they stand out from the crowd. If an opportunity crops up during the interview to reference a few of your personal likes or habits, do so. You’re giving the interviewer an understanding as to how you’ll fit in. A lack of demonstrated personality can make a hiring manager apprehensive of your ability to adapt to a new situation, and that can mean you get overlooked for the job.

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