How to Hire – and Keep – Your Best People

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How to Hire – and Keep – Your Best People

Hire and Keep Your Best People


It’s not just about finding any old person, it’s about finding the best people for the position. And once you find the best people, you want to keep them! Finding and hiring top professionals can be a challenge, but retention can often be just as much of a hurdle.

Hiring Your Best People

The first step to keeping top performers is to make sure they’re the right person for the position, long term. Know your company, the responsibilities of the role, and both it’s current and potential needs. Once you have a solid understanding of what the job entails today and where it will likely lead, you can begin to look at candidates that have the current skill set along with the potential for growth in relevant areas.

Understand Why Your Company Is Worth It

Of course, you know why you enjoy working for your company, but do you know why your colleagues are happy here? Finding out why staff is glad to come to work each day can be a great source of valuable information when it comes to employee retention. Talk to staff, subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors. Find out what they love about working here! Not only will you gain great insight into the organizational culture, but you’ll also know what areas are important and worth developing when it comes to staff retention.

Be Proud

After you’ve gathered the intel from chatting with fellow employees, it’s time to spread the word. A helpful post on the corporate blog, tweets from happy employees, and other social media shares and posts can get the word out that yours is a company to work for. We all want to know who we really work for, and what we’re working toward. When staff can get behind your values and culture, they won’t be looking to leave anytime soon.

Be Accessible

Candidates that are interested enough in your company to actively seek you out are candidates worth a second look. Make your company, your human resources department, accessible. Provide contact information on your corporate website and Facebook page, update your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts. And don’t forget job notices!

Be Grateful

Everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated, that the work they do has value. And showing gratitude can go a long way in letting your staff know they are important to you, to the company. Small gifts for memorable dates such as birthdays or weddings are an easy way to acknowledge employees. And never underestimate the value of a simple ‘thank you for a job well done’ email or note.

By bringing in – and keeping – the best professionals you’re helping your company grow and expand in ways that matter most. We spend, on average, between 8 and 10 hours a day at our job, more time than with our family. A happy workplace means a happy workforce, and that means greater productivity.

If you’re ready to bring in new staff, would like to discuss ways in which you might improve your company culture, consider reaching out to a hiring professional. Recruitment specialists, like the experienced team at Top Notch, can recognize the talent who will match your growing organization and help you develop the effective retention methods to keep them around!

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