How to Prove You’re Detail Oriented in An Interview

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How to Prove You’re Detail Oriented in An Interview

How to Prove You're Detail Oriented


You know are a stickler for details and have great focus, but how do you prove you’re detail oriented in an interview?

It’s one thing to tell a hiring manager that you have great attention to detail, but you’ll be far more successful by providing examples of accomplishments and achievements.

Provide Details

Consider these two different responses to the question, ‘Are You Detail Oriented?”

Answer #1:


While enthusiastic, simply answering in the affirmative does little to support your claim and may result in the hiring manager passing on your application.

Answer #2:

In my present position, being detail oriented has enabled my current team to catch inventory discrepancies and save almost 10% of our project revenue.

The second answer gives a clear example of your attention to detail. It wraps up with a concrete measurement of how your skill translated into money for your current employer. Automatically, the hiring manager is considering how you could do the same for their company!

Actively Pay Attention

Another way to demonstrate your keen eye and ear for details is how you answer interview questions. Create an opportunity to reference something said earlier in the interview to show you were paying attention. It’s an immediate reference that will make a positive impact on the hiring manager.

Past Examples To Demonstrate Detail Oriented Skills

This is another great opportunity to illustrate your incredible attention to detail skills. When asked about a previous situation or problem that you’ve solved, get specific. Rather than simply state that you made your boss’s travel arrangements, get into the details.

I listened as my supervisor explained the desired travel itinerary. Then I read it back to him to confirm that I hadn’t missed something. I would then proceed to make the travel arrangements. After, I would schedule a brief 5-minute meeting to go over the set arrangements, and to see if he required any changes. If there were no further changes needed, I would then send him an email detailing the travel arrangements as confirmation.

By providing specific examples of how you use your detail-oriented skills in the workplace, you’re helping the hiring manager understand how you will fit into the role they’re looking to fill.

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