Four Easy Ways to Ace Your Phone Interview

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Four Easy Ways to Ace Your Phone Interview

Ace Your Phone Interview

Do you get tongue-tied at the idea of a phone interview? Does the thought of a discussing a job opportunity over the telephone leave you feeling nervous? Without the benefit of seeing the face of the person you’re speaking with, phone conversations can be challenging, even intimidating. If you feel this way, rest assured, you aren’t alone. Nearly 2.5 million Americans feel the same way. Here are four easy ways to overcome nervousness and ace your phone interview.

Dress for Success

Yes, you read that correctly. Put on your best, “I-Feel-Like-I-Can-Do-Anything” ensemble. Believe it or not, the way we dress directly impacts how we feel and act. You want to sound like a professional during your phone call, so dressing like a professional is one easy thing you can do to boost your confidence and ace your phone interview.

Prepare. Then Prepare, Again

Remember the adage: lucky is being prepared for an opportunity. It’s good advice that can help you in your phone interview. By learning about the company before your phone call, you can answer questions with greater ease and confidence. Look up the company on LinkedIn, and check out organization profiles, too. And don’t forget to make a list of questions that you can ask the interviewer. Have a printed copy of your resume available, and write out a few key career points to help you remember them.

Organize Your Phone Interview Space

Designate an area where you will participate in the phone interview. At your kitchen table? At your computer desk? In your favorite chair? Pick a place that makes you feel confident, and is also quiet and free from distractions. Get all your papers together and be sure you have something to drink. Have a pen and paper handy to make notes during your phone interview. Paper and pen is better for taking notes than a computer; the tapping of the keyboard can be very distracting. And writing things out longhand has been proven to help you remember them.

It may sound simple, but taking a deep, centering breath when the phone rings, before you say hello. It will help you expel anxiety and better prepare you to handle the conversation. And if you get anxious during the interview, take a moment and take a breath. You’ll re-focus your attention and alleviate any nervousness that may have built up.

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