What to Expect in Your Warehouse Worker Interview

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What to Expect in Your Warehouse Worker Interview

What to Expect in Your Warehouse Interview


Congratulations on earning an interview with a local warehouse company. Being prepared – including some interview practice – gives you a good chance at getting a job offer. It also helps to know what to expect when you are face-to-face with your potential new employer.

What follows is a look at what a typical warehouse interview entails, including a few standard questions, so you aren’t blindsided by any surprises. Keep a clear head and a great new job will be yours. Good luck!

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Specialized Warehouse Skills

Companies are interested in workers with a variety of skills useful in a warehouse environment. These include licensed forklift operation, first aid, inventory management, and even bilingualism in a multicultural organization. If you are experienced and licensed in any of these areas, be prepared to discuss your experience during the interview.

Your résumé should already detail most of these abilities and experiences, so make it a point to review your skill set and work history before the interview so all that information is at the forefront of your mind.

Role-Specific Questions are the Focus of Many Warehouse Employee Interviews

Expect role-based questions to pry into more detail about your professional experience. The interviewer typically bases many of these questions on the content of your résumé, but don’t be surprised if they ask about other topics related to general warehouse work. Consider familiarizing yourself with anything you haven’t been exposed to in your career.

Inventory management is important for nearly all warehouse positions, so expect some questions about your experience in pricing and labeling merchandise. Familiarity with the use of bar scanners or any related mobile technology is another good skill for warehouse work, so don’t surprised about a question or two in this area. Practical experience with any inventory software is also valuable to employers.

The interviewer wants to know your attitudes towards workplace safety as well as some examples where it came into play earlier in your career. Being asked about your motivation and attitude towards coworkers is another good bet. Teamwork is vital in most warehouse environments.

Ultimately, remember to properly prepare for the interview and answer all questions clearly and honestly!

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