4 Easy Ways to Impress Your Employer and Earn Their Trust

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4 Easy Ways to Impress Your Employer and Earn Their Trust

Build Trust With Management


It’s your first week on a new job. You’re working hard to learn the rules, but you want to do more, you want to impress. You want to be someone your employer can trust.


Being open and honest is one the best and easiest ways to impress your employer and earn their trust. Transparency is the foundation of the best relationships in business.

Communicate openly with your manager about both the successes and the challenges you face in your role. Miscommunication can too easily occur if your manager isn’t acutely aware of your situation, what’s working, and what’s not. Consider asking your boss for a brief weekly meeting to provide an update. And if a client happens to send along a thank-you note or email for a job well done, be sure to let your employer know.

Slow and Steady When You Want To Impress

It can be very tempting to go overboard in your efforts to impress your new boss. And while that desire to do so will help you in the long run, it’s good to start off slow. Because you’re new in the role, you may accidentally incorrectly anticipate what your manager needs. And despite your best intentions, you might wind up making things worse, not better.

An excellent way to impress is to complete tasks and assignments exactly as instructed until you gain greater working knowledge of your manager’s needs. By impressing your boss with your excellence on the small stuff, they’ll be quick to assign you bigger tasks, with greater importance in no time.

Tackle Problems With a Head-On Approach

Because you’re new in your job, you may feel insecure about stepping up with a possible solution when a problem occurs. But it’s good to remember that because you are new, you have a different perspective than everyone else in the room; you may be able to see things your boss can’t. If you’re still nervous about standing out, go to your manager in private or send a well-written email outlining your ideas on how to tackle the problem head-on. Not only can you deliver a fresh point of view, but you’ll also impress your manager with your willingness to work toward a solution. Anyone can sit at their desk and complain about an issue, but valuable employees try to solve them.

Team Player

Doing a good job is important, but getting along with team members is also just as vital to your success. In your first weeks on the job, invest time and energy into learning coworkers names, and what it is they do. Your boss will be looking at how well you fit in with the existing team, along with how well you execute tasks.

By using these tips you’ll not only impress your boss, but you’ll also be establishing the foundation to an incredible career.

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