3 Staffing Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2017

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3 Staffing Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2017
3 Staffing Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2017

From Donald Trump, Brexit, to massive shifts among Fortune 500 companies, it’s safe to say the first half of 2017 was a pretty wild start to the year. As we reach the midway point of 2017, now is as good a time as any to anticipate what else is going to happen for the rest of the year that will have an impact on staffing and recruitment.

In this post, we give you a quick rundown of trends that are likely to stick around for the rest of 2017.


  1. Uncertainty Over the Political Climate

After a contentious Presidential election and developments like Brexit happening across the pond, there’s no doubt a blanket of political and economic uncertainty is covering the world. With economic growth showing signs of stagnation and jobs slowing down in May, things could be better for both recruiters and jobseekers alike. Jobs may have slowed down a bit, but unemployment remains relatively low, especially when compared to the first few years after the recession.


  1. Adjustments and Restarts

New technologies and changes in consumer preferences have created the perfect recipe for several companies to hit speed bumps in growth and expansion. This is particularly true in the retail industry, where once-dominant brands like Sears and Kmart are shutting down store after store due to declining sales brought about by the continuing growth of online shopping and ecommerce. These large-scale changes have forced Fortune 500 companies to adjust and even restart their strategies, which in turn, have created uncertainty in their hiring practices.


  1. Remote Working

As more companies realize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of providing workers with remote or flexible work-from-home options, telecommuting will continue to be an accepted work arrangement across public and private organizations. Experience has taught us that more job seekers are looking for these kinds of opportunities, prioritizing a better balance between work and life, even if it means having a lower take-home pay. According to a survey by employee engagement firm TINYpulse, remote workers are happier, feel more valued, and are more productive compared to regular employees.


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