2 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Decide If a Job Is Right for You

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2 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Decide If a Job Is Right for You

For many job seekers, there’s always that lingering pressure to earn the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. And out of the desire to move up the career ladder, many job seekers often end up making decisions they’re not truly sure about. These include taking on a job they feel meh about in a company that’s likewise meh.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to figure out if a job and company are right for you. As with most things involving your career, this decision requires contemplation and reflection. Try asking yourself these two questions to help make up your mind.


1. What Do You See Yourself Doing 10 Years From Now?

If your answer isn’t along the lines of, “In the same company, maybe a pay grade or so higher, having the time of my life,” then that’s a cause for concern. After all, time isn’t something you can take back. 10 years from now, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable and unsatisfying job, it might be the result of an irreversible decision gone wrong.

Doing your homework on a position and company isn’t just a prudent move, it’s necessary for today’s career climate. What’s the upward mobility like? Is the organization’s environment conducive to career development? Are long-time employees satisfied? These are just some of the things you’ll want to find out before deciding on a job.


2. Are The Company’s Principles Aligned With Yours?

Your values and character are things you’ll take with you no matter where your professional life leads you. If you don’t agree with the direction of a company or how it operates, this could potentially place you in awkward situations that force you to compromise your principles.

It also isn’t uncommon for an average employee to consider an unethical company but, as it turns out, is only behaving according to the norm of the industry or niche it’s in. This can be very unsettling, disappointing, and discouraging.

To avoid any of these scenarios, it would be wise to look at a company’s mission vision, statement of values, and previous activities. These should give you a good idea of the kind of culture you might end up joining.


These two questions may not seem like a lot, but your research and answers will tell you more than enough about your potential place in a job and company. Moreover, these questions open mental pathways to different directions. Take the first one, for example. If you can visualize yourself working a job that doesn’t feel like work, you’re probably in the right place.

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