4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Resume in 2018

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4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Resume in 2018

Another new year is upon us, and for many people, it’s a chance to begin life anew, whether it’s with a new hobby, a new resolution, or even a new job.

Whether you’re in between jobs and looking for work, or currently have a job but are passively looking for newer and better opportunities, it’s always a good idea to update your resume to make sure it covers your most recent work experience and any relevant skills you may have acquired since the last time you looked for work. And with a competitive job market, making sure your resume is updated is one way to make your application more marketable.

Here are 4 resume touch-ups you can apply to make sure your resume holds a hiring manager’s attention long enough to be considered for an interview in 2018.

  1. Add More Details

It used to be a resume best practice to have the length be no longer than one page. Anything more was considered arrogant, unless you had truly exceptional credentials. But today, it’s acceptable to have a multi-page resume, provided it contains details about relevant skills and work experience and not fluff.

  1. Refresh the Format

While there is no single method on how to format your resume to make it look contemporary, there are certain characteristics common in almost any modern resume. Some simple resume updates include:

  • Use of colors and shading to separate sections of the resume;
  • Using a two- or three-column layout;
  • Bulleted lists;
  • Short sentences;
  • Creative highlighting of your skills, education, and experience, such that your resume reads like a flyer or newsletter.
  1. Switch to PDF

 The old standard practice was to send a resume as a Word file, but there’s a better and safer way to go about sending your resume.

Instead, save your resume as a PDF file, which will guarantee that it will appear just as you saved it, unlike a Word file where the layout can change depending on the word processor used to open it. Of course, the exception is when the job ad specifically requests for resumes to be sent as Word files.

  1. Focus on Marketable Skills

You’re looking for a job in 2018, so hiring managers will expect that you know how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, even if it’s on a basic level. It’s also safe to say that you know how to use popular social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

In other words, don’t waste anyone’s time by writing down skills everyone else has. Save the resume real estate on more marketable skills closer to your expertise.

For more resume tips and tricks, be sure to follow this blog. If you need help looking for specific positions in 2018, let the staffing specialists of Top Notch Personnel connect you with our pool of actively hiring employers.


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