3 Things to Expect in an Interview with a Recruiter

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3 Things to Expect in an Interview with a Recruiter

In today’s competitive job market, even if you have what looks like a great resume, there’s still the problem of standing out from the pile of applications sitting on almost any hiring manager’s desk. What you need is a way to tell potential employers “Look at me, this is what I can do for you!

This is where a recruiter from a staffing agency comes in. Recruiters can do the legwork of matching your resume profile with open positions, which means that any recommendation for a role you get has a better likelihood of resulting in a hire.

But as with any recruitment process, working with a recruiter still means you need to get interviewed. Here’s what you can do to prepare for your meeting with a recruiter.


Dress for the Occasion

“It’s just a staffing company, I don’t need to dress up.”

This is absolutely not the case. Just because it’s a “staffing agency” doesn’t make the interview any less serious. Always approach it like any job interview with a potential employer. Remember, the recruiter needs to see if you have the skills and background worth recommending to employers. If you don’t take the interview seriously, don’t expect to take you seriously either.


Know Your Resume from the Inside Out

You can expect a recruiter to ask questions about details in your resume, especially gaps you may have between jobs.

Herein lies one difference between an interview with a recruiter and an actual job interview with a hiring manager. With hiring managers, you may be tempted to embellish or hide certain details about your work history to put your best foot forward.

With recruiters, you can and should be completely honest, even about things you may want to hide (e.g. terminations and conflicts with past management). A recruiter will want to know everything about you before recommending you to a potential employer. And even if something not so flattering comes up, the recruiter will likely help you do something to spin it in a positive light or find a more suitable job for your situation.


Be Ready to Ask Smart Questions

Aside from wanting to get information about your skills and work history, recruiters also want to know if you have a good head on your shoulders. It’s a good idea to come to the interview some smart questions that show you’ve given some thought to your job search. You should also be ready with a 5-minute elevator pitch about yourself, which will show the recruiter why you’re someone worth hiring.

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