The Toxic Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Interview Before It Even Begins

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Toxic Thoughts are Ruining Your Interview
The Toxic Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Interview Before It Even Begins

It’s easy to have a negative mindset when you’re looking for a job. Whether your search has been unproductive despite being at it for months, or you feel that you’re being left behind by the competition, falling into a spiral of negative thinking can have a detrimental impact on your job search and next interview.

Make sure this doesn’t happen by taking note of the following toxic thoughts that will sabotage your interview.


You’re Never Happy with Anything Less than Perfect

It’s one thing to strive for quality in everything that you do, but if you’re obsessed with seeking perfection, you’re only setting yourself up to fail. When you set perfection as your goal, nothing will ever be enough for you and in your eyes, you’ll always be a failure.

Instead, learn to differentiate between doing great work and seeking the impossible. Set realistic goals to boost your self-esteem.


You Think You’re Never Good Enough

It’s completely normal to doubt yourself from time to time. But when this negativity becomes your default mindset, you may be stunting your personal and career growth. Spending too much time thinking you’re never good enough, talented enough, or skilled enough leads nowhere; why not take responsibility to improve yourself, beginning with your strongest skills and talents?


You Keep Comparing Yourself to Other People

Everyone compares themselves to other people to see how they measure up. But setting the successes of other people as your benchmark isn’t realistic because no one else has your specific skills, talents, outlook, background, challenges, and interests, which means that your path to success is your own. Instead of wasting time with comparisons, why not focus on improving yourself at your own pace and time?


You Never Admit You’re Wrong

It feels good to get things right, so it’s no small wonder why so many people never admit to being wrong. But accepting your failures and giving yourself permission to fail is necessary if you want to grow. In other words, you need failure to develop your humility, which in turn goes a long way when preparing for an interview. If you come off across as a know-it-all, you’re showing a potential employer that you’re someone who’s hard to teach and someone who doesn’t take accountability for their actions.


You Always Worry About What Others Think

If you seek validation from other people, you will never be truly happy. People who are truly successful listen to what other people say, but they don’t need their approval. Do your own thing and don’t let other people’s opinions dissuade you from reaching your goals.


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