Use These 4 Simple Resume Hacks to Land More Interviews in 2018

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Use These 4 Simple Resume Hacks to Land More Interviews in 2018

With another year upon us, now is the perfect time to tweak—maybe even revamp—your resume. Whether you’re just about to begin your job hunt, or you’re in the middle of one, these resume hacks should help your application get noticed by hiring managers.


Keep Your Resume Format Simple

Most HR departments are swamped with applications, even though they’re not actively looking for any people. This means hiring managers have to go through a hundred resumes each day. Your job is to make this easier for them, starting with a simple resume format that makes it easier to see your important information.

Rather than wow a hiring manager with fancy resume design, keep things simple by using:

  • No more than two font types
  • No more than three font sizes
  • Sticking with left alignment
  • Having a consistent format throughout your resume


Tailor Your Resume According to the Job

An important part of creating an effective resume is tailoring it according to the job you’re applying to. This means you need to be selective about what goes on your resume. If your employment encompasses more than 10 years of jobs, you’ll have acquired a long list of responsibilities and accomplishments.

However, you don’t want to include all this information in your resume because that only makes it harder for hiring managers to see if you’re a good fit for the job.

And that’s what it’s all about—fit. Any information on your resume must complement the job description of the role, making it easy for anyone reading your resume to see you’re a great match.


Quantify Your Professional Accomplishments

Hiring managers love it when you can clearly illustrate your accomplishments and impact you had on your previous employers. Potential employers are interested in what you’ve done and why it mattered—not your job description.

This is why it’s important to quantify your professional accomplishments. Whether it’s sales figures, efficiency or year-over-year improvements, these can be better illustrated with hard facts and numbers. But use numbers and percentages when it makes sense—don’t shoehorn irrelevant numbers just to make your resume more appealing.


Use Relevant Keywords

With computer algorithms now reviewing resumes, it’s a good idea to pepper your resume with relevant keywords to make it easier to find and deemed relevant to open positions. Even if a hiring manager goes through applications, a keyword-optimized resume makes it easier for them to see if you’re worth their time.

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