5 Light Industrial Jobs You Can Apply to Without Any Prior Experience

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5 Light Industrial Jobs You Can Apply to Without Any Prior Experience

Most people think that light industrial jobs involve handling heavy machinery and working in large production facilities. But this is not always the case.

As the name suggests, light industrial jobs are industrial jobs on a lighter or smaller scale. There can still be quite a bit of machinery involved, especially in the case of forklift operators and welders, but more often than not, light industrial jobs allow for more personal work spaces. And the best part? You don’t necessarily need experience to apply for these positions.

Listed below are 5 examples of light industrial jobs that don’t require experience.


  1. Pick, Pack, and Stock Workers

These jobs are offered by companies that manufacture parts, pieces, and other components, as well those that supply materials. Teams of workers collaborate to get products out the door, often in facilities such as warehouses, factories, and other manufacturing facilities. Experience usually isn’t necessary, but you will need basic computer skills to print tickets and bills.


  1. CDL A Drivers

Aside from a Class A CDL license, you don’t need extensive experience to be a CDL A driver. Jobs range from long-haul driver, pedal guy, local delivery driver, route driver, and box truck driver. Of course, it helps to know how to move cargo from point A to B, but it’s not necessary, especially if you can find an employer who will certify you.


  1. Pallet and Crate Builders

To be a pallet or crate builder, all you really need is to be good with your hands. The job of building plain old pallets may not seem all that exciting, but it’s a great gig for temp and seasonal workers, as well as those looking to get their break into bigger jobs such as the construction of high-tech shipping crates and large aircraft components.

If you’ve always been fascinated with building things, or want a grown-up version of a LEGO set, pallet and crate building just might be for you.


  1. Paint Laborer

As someone working for a painting company catering to construction projects, the kind of work you’ll be doing will largely depend on the nature of the work required. If, for example, you’re thrust into residential painting, you can be taught proper painting techniques in no time. During your first few weeks, you’ll probably be in charge of laying out paint sheets and putting tape on sections you don’t want painted.


  1. Forklift Operator

Finding open positions for forklift operators that don’t require experience can be a bit harder than the other jobs on this list, but it’s not impossible. You can start by looking for employers who will provide the training and help you get certified (i.e. your forklift license). It’s uncommon, but there are some companies out there who can arrange this for you—this is usually the case when there are shortages.


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