5 Valuable Life Lessons You Can Learn From a Job Rejection

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5 Valuable Life Lessons You Can Learn From a Job Rejection

Let’s face it, getting a job rejection—especially after what you thought was a great interview—can be disheartening, so much so that it makes you want to give up on your job search. But despite the pain and blow to your ego, a job rejection can be a valuable learning opportunity.

Instead of sulking, why not ask for feedback from the hiring manager so you know what you may have done wrong or what part of the interview you could have done better? This way, you know what things/areas you can improve the next time around.

With that being said, below are five more learning opportunities you can get from a job rejection.


  1. Learn to Be Confident

It can be hard to maintain your confidence in the face of a nerve-wracking job interview. But hiring managers are more likely to hire someone who comes across as self-assured and can articulate their thoughts clearly and professionally. So, work on building your confidence until your next job interview.

At the same time, know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Don’t come to an interview acting like you’ve already won the job or that it’d be their loss not to hire you.


  1. Be Genuine

Getting rejected after a job interview can make you question yourself and your abilities. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s best to act like someone a potential employer wants you to be instead of just being yourself. But remember, most hiring managers (at least the capable ones) will know when you’re genuinely a good fit for the job, or just someone faking it. Bottom line? Always be yourself.


  1. Cultivate Humility

As mentioned earlier, confidence and arrogance are two completely different things. Nobody likes a show-off and very few companies see unabashed arrogance as a positive quality in a candidate. The vast majority of employers want people who can take direction, function as part of a team and hold themselves accountable should they make mistakes.


  1. Identify Your Weaknesses

Chances are, you were asked the question “What is your weakness?” during your last interview. How’d you think you handled that question?

Part of being humble is knowing your weaknesses and having the wisdom and patience to turn those weaknesses around. If you know which things about yourself you can improve, they’ll be your greatest strengths in time.


  1. Stay Hungry

Give yourself permission to fail, but always keep your eye on the prize. Grit and persistence are just as valuable as talent. And besides, failure and adversity make your future successes even sweeter. Trust the process and continue applying for jobs until you finally get your break.

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