Why Hands-On Managers are Masters at Productivity and Growth

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Why Hands-On Managers are Masters at Productivity and Growth

Few people find themselves in management positions without working their way through the trenches to arrive there. This means that on your way to a senior level position, you probably worked under at least one manger who just didn’t get it and was essentially ineffective in their position as a result.

Your goal is to be the type of manager that inspires productivity, progress and growth. If there’s one key to accomplishing this, it’s understanding how all the components of the business work together, including the responsibilities of each employee.

Is it absolutely necessary that a manager know the ins and outs of everyone’s job? Only if you genuinely want to be successful in your position, and here are just a few reasons why.


  1. Efficiency Is Important

A big part of your own responsibilities as a manager is being able to look at the daily operations and access the need for more efficient operations. This is something that’s practically impossible to accomplish without having hands on experience in every task assigned to your employees.

It’s easy to look at something and form an opinion about how it should be done, however, that opinion is often different when you’ve experienced something for yourself. Hands on managers who have gotten their hands dirty and fully grasp their employees’ responsibilities are better equipped for generating real solutions for improved efficiency.


  1. Fostering a Productive Team Culture

There are a few elements that are essential for inspiring a productive team culture. For example, the best workforce team environments focus on:

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • A realistic vision of future potential

The problem is that too many managers step into a position and aspire to this type of culture but miss the mark because they don’t understand the intimate dynamics that only hands on experience can provide.

Plus, if we’re being completely honest, employees often place more trust and respect in workforce management that has been in their shoes and can approach problem solving and innovation from a realistic point of view.


  1. You’re in Charge of Producing Results and Solutions

The fact is that no matter what experience you have when walking into a management position, there’s plenty that you don’t know about the inner dynamics of a new company. Understanding the responsibilities of each player, and maybe even trying your hand at each position yourself, puts you in a position to identify strong points that should be built upon and weaknesses that need your attention.

At the end of the day, you’re accountable for every action and every result that’s achieved under your guidance. Why risk not being prepared and completely knowledgeable about each piece of the puzzle? The time you invest in learning each position is an investment in the business you work for, your employees and your own professional future.

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