Why New Employees Should Never Be Afraid to Speak Up at Work

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Why New Employees Should Never Be Afraid to Speak Up at Work

The first few months on a new job is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit intimidating. Everyone around you are seasoned veterans, and here you are the “newbie” who has so much to learn. This general attitude can cause even the most confident person to feel a little trepidatious about speaking up at a new job.

However, employers and workplace management across the board agree that new employees should never hesitate to speak up and make their voice heard at work, and here are a few reasons why.


  1. You Have a Fresh Perspective

Most of us have been in that meeting where not a single person is really interested in hearing any innovative ideas. After all, if it’s not broke then why fix it, right? For growth minded businesses, this is approach spells disaster.

Smart employers know that new ideas and innovation drive them forward, and they also know how easy it is to get comfortable in a position and lose the ability to truly think creatively.

New employees are coming in with a completely fresh perspective that isn’t tainted by their experience within their position. Maybe your idea will get shot down, or maybe it will totally reinvent the wheel. Either way, putting your voice out there lets the boss know you care about the company’s future.


  1. Nobody Wants to Have the Difficult Conversations

Unfortunately, workplace culture doesn’t always match up with the best interests of employees. Often, it’s one little transgression that gets overlooked that can snowball into a situation that’s not only uncomfortable for employees, but potentially devastating for the company as a whole.

If you notice something that makes you uncomfortable, even if you’re not the direct target, the best thing you can do is say something. Obviously, this applies to the big issues like harassment and discrimination, but it’s important to not overlook the smaller issues too.

Times you should always speak up as a new employee include:

  • If someone takes credit for your work or ideas
  • You hear rumors that could potentially damage the reputation of the company or its employees
  • When you see a major flaw with someone’s idea during a brainstorming meeting
  • When it’s just assumed you understand all the tasks involved in an assignment, but you need clarification


  1. Speaking Up Accelerates Your Growth

Finally, speaking up as a new employee demonstrates incredible confidence not only in your ability to do the job and excel within the company, but also in how you value yourself and your experience in the industry. This is something that always gets noticed by great employers.

Sure, there might be a few coworkers in the crowd that won’t be impressed, however your obligation is to perform for the company and position yourself for success. Trust that your voice is your best tool for accomplishing both of these.

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