The Right Way To Follow Up With A Recruiter

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The Right Way To Follow Up With A Recruiter

You submitted an application to a recruiter and received confirmation it was received. You’ve already started imagining yourself in your new role. You’re just waiting for the recruiter to call you and schedule the interview.

But the call doesn’t come.

After a couple of weeks, still nothing. No phone call. No email. No interview. You still want to be considered for the position, but you don’t know how to approach the recruiter without seeming rude or unprofessional.

Here are three tips on how you can follow up with you recruiter without being annoying.

Send An Email To Your Recruiter

Recruiters are busy. They spend days on end of reviewing resumes and job applications, performing reference checks, and tackling a never-ending list of administrative tasks. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for recruiters to do a status update phone call with every applicant.

So rather than phoning, send an email. By doing so, you’re providing the recruiter and opportunity to pull up your file and get the latest info on your application before responding. A few short sentences asking the recruiter a specific question or what the next steps in the process will be is an ideal way to garner a response.

Try something like this:

I sent in my application for the administrative position #9876 three weeks ago, and I was wondering if I could get an update on the hiring process. I’m keen to learn more about the position, and I’d be grateful for any updates or information you could provide.

Interest is good; Desperation is not

Showing enthusiasm when you follow up with the recruiter is a good thing, but begging never makes a good impression. You can remind the recruiter why you’re a good fit for the job with one or two lines in your email; don’t write a three-page argument outlining why you’re the best person for the job.

As I mentioned in my application, I worked in a similar role with the XYZ Company, and I am confident in my skills and abilities for this position.

That’s it. Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple.

Respect Boundaries

Even when dealing with someone via email, remember to respect their personal boundaries. Don’t invade personal space. Maintain your professionalism and avoid getting too personal or casual too quickly. Even if your first dealings with the recruiter were great, don’t start harassing them on social media or asking for personal recommendations.

When in doubt, be professional. If you’ve submitted your resume but haven’t heard from the recruiter at the end of two weeks, it’s okay to send a follow-up email. If you don’t get a response from your follow up email, it’s probably time to start exploring other opportunities.

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