How to Construct an Attention-Grabbing Resume and Get Noticed

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How to Construct an Attention-Grabbing Resume and Get Noticed

Hiring managers read hundreds of resumes in a day and it’s important for yours to stand out from the pile. What’s more, a clear, concise and effective resume helps you make the important first impression. More often times than not, a thoughtfully created resume markets your strengths, showcases your accomplishments while grabbing the attention of the recruiter at the same time.

The benefits don’t stop there.

A result-oriented resume allows recruiters to sum up your achievements and skills with ease. What’s more, you should have a good idea about what to include, what to leave out and what to emphasize. The tips given below help you design a successful resume that keeps recruiters interested right from the start:


  1. Make Your Resume Scan-Friendly

Curb the tendency to use hard-to-read fonts, boldface and italics. Use a simple format and include numbers to highlight major accomplishments.


  1. Tweak Your Resume Every Time You Apply for a Job

Instead of using the same resume every time you apply, tweak it to cater to the job requirements in question. You can do this by highlighting the specific skills that the recruiter is looking for.


  1. Keep It Simple

Unless you’re applying for a highly creative job, your resume should ideally include only four essential pieces of information: Work experience, qualifications, skills and achievements.


  1. Restrict the Length to Two Pages

Considering that recruiters will spend less than 20 seconds going through your resume, it’s best to keep it crisp and brief. The only exception to this could include the IT field where resumes tend to be longer than usual.


  1. Make the Resume Readable and Printable

Despite the evolution of technology, many recruiters still prefer to print resumes. Set the margins to 0.5 inches and use letter-sized formats. Arial or Times New Roman Fonts, size 11 or 12 are the standard formats usually used in resumes.


  1. Don’t List Irrelevant Experience

Do not include outdated or irrelevant work experience in your resume; avoid including any work experience that’s over 10 years old.


A Well-Written Resume Gets Results

In a highly competitive marketplace, with hundreds of candidates applying for the same job position, a good resume ensures that your candidacy stands out. Whether you apply on social media, through job portals or company websites, a powerful resume is still one of the most effective ways to get noticed by recruiters. What’s more, seasoned recruiters are aware of what hiring managers want in a resume and can help you showcase your value in the right manner.


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