How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

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How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

As 2018 draws to a close, most companies are gearing up to organize their annual holiday parties. However, while some people find it fun to associate outside of work, many others consider it as nothing less than an ordeal. Sometimes, office holiday parties are notorious for overindulgence and embarrassing behavior.

That’s not all.

While office culture may have a slight influence, in general, the annual holiday event either elicits extreme reactions – either enthusiasm or dread. If you happen to be one of those who feels stressed at the very thought of attending, a few useful pointers can help you survive – and succeed – at your workplace party this season.

5 Ways to Enjoy Yourself While Retaining Your Dignity at the Same Time 

  1. Make It a Point to Attend

Even if you don’t feel enthusiastic about the party, make it a point to show up, attend and participate. Keep your attitude friendly, outgoing and appreciative.

  1. Don’t Overindulge in Drinking

While the free drinks may be an appealing prospect, it’s best to restrict your drinking. What’s more, you may want to pace your drinking or eat something beforehand to avoid drinking on empty stomach. Getting drunk may cost you your credibility, reputation or, in extreme cases, your career.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Although the holiday party is a social affair, it’s better to dress conservatively and avoid loud or flashy attire. However, you can consider adding a touch of liveliness by sporting a funny tie, Santa cap or dressy shoes. 

  1. Don’t Discuss Work

Leave your professional baggage at the door and chat socially with your co-workers. This is not the time to discuss deadlines, projects and performance reviews. Have a good time, interact with everyone and allow your personality to show through. 

  1. Watch Your Behavior

Relaxing is a good idea but do remember to watch your language and behavior. Avoid telling off-color jokes or swearing in front of your colleagues or boss.

Attending the Company Holiday Party Can Help You Connect with People

Most of your apprehension may arise from not knowing what to do or say. Challenge your social anxiety by striking up conversations with other people; they’ll be glad to meet someone who takes the initiative to break the ice. More often than not, the company holiday party is a great opportunity to hobnob with the higher-ups and develop internal connections. Use the chance to make yourself known for the right reasons.

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