Sick of Making Minimum Wage? Try a Career as a Welder

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Sick of Making Minimum Wage? Try a Career as a Welder

If you’re interested in creating, cutting and repairing things, you should seriously consider starting a career as a welder. As new construction and transportation projects continue to come up, there is a shortage of welders. However, despite the high demand, employers are struggling to find skilled applicants for their requirement.

While a career in welding does not require a formal university education, it does require a very specific set of skills. What’s more, as welding becomes increasingly automated, candidates need specialized skills to keep up with the requirements of modern welding job roles.

To get started, contact an experienced recruiter who can help you choose the right training program to reinforce skills, get certification and find hands-on apprenticeship.


1.  Sign Up for Professional Welder Training

Take classes in math, chemistry and physics – in case you didn’t get a chance to learn these subjects at school. While a high school diploma is usually enough, you may need to join a welding school that offers learning programs in blueprint reading, metallurgy, mechanical drawing and basic welding processes.

2.  Get Certified

The American Welding Society offers the following certifications:

    • CW (Certified Welder) – The CW certification does not require any specific level of education.
    • CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and SCWI (Senior Certified Welding Inspector) – These certifications may require certain minimum educational qualifications (such as high school diploma).
    • CWE (Certified Welding Educator) – In addition to holding valid welding certification, you may need to hold a part-time or full-time position as a teacher.

3.  Apply for an Apprenticeship

Once you complete training, working as an apprentice helps you gain knowledge and hands-on experience – and earn some money at the same time.


Enjoy a Successful and Satisfying Career in Welding

Manufacturers and other employers are actively seeking trained welders to join their teams. As a welder, you can explore challenging job roles in a variety of industries including racing car repairs, ship-building and military support. A career in welding not only allows you to earn higher compensation, it also offers better job security and a bright future.

Once you gain enough experience, you can consider moving on to other job positions in fabrication, repair and inspection. Get started today by upgrading your skill-set and signing up for a recognized training program.


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