5 Effective Habits of Responsible Workers

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5 Effective Habits of Responsible Workers

Whether you want that raise, promotion or simply to be a better team player, it’s important to show that you’re responsible at work. By becoming more responsible, you learn to manage your time better, achieve your goals and foster stronger and more trusting relationships with others.

As a reliable and responsible person in the workplace, you’re more likely to get shortlisted for senior job posts. What’s more, you’ll always ensure that you show up on time to work and prepare for meetings; your manager is more likely to trust you to work on your own without micromanagement.

By making simple but important changes in your approach, mindset and habits, you can – and should – prove that you’re responsible at work.


    1. Don’t Make Excuses

Stick to your plan, deliver on your promises and don’t postpone tasks. Use checklists to multi-task efficiently.

    1. Get Organized

Use planners, calendar apps, Post-It notes and books to organize your day and week. Track your plans and goals and stay on top of your schedule.

    1. Be Punctual (and Cancel Plans Ahead of Time, If You Can’t Make It)

Make it a point to show up on time and if you need to, cancel plans well ahead of time to avoid causing trouble to others.

    1. Think Before You React

Pausing to think before you let anger or resentment get out of hand allows you to control outcomes in stressful situations. Show respect and be polite to your colleagues, subordinates and bosses.

    1. Commit to Your Job for an Acceptable Amount of Time

Hiring managers prefer candidates who display responsibility in their commitment to their jobs. Ensure that you stick onto job roles long enough to make a contribution towards organizational success.

    1. Don’t Post Inappropriate Content

Avoid posting unsuitable remarks or off-color jokes on social media regarding your company, coworkers or bosses. Keep your messages above-board, decent and courteous.


Show Consistency, Accountability and Courtesy

As you prove yourself to be more responsible at work, you can be trusted to make the best of any situation and resolve issues without blaming others. When you become more responsible, you’ll be able to consistently complete your work within agreed deadlines. More often times than not, you will earn the goodwill of your team and in turn, they will be able to rely on you for support and assistance whenever needed. Holding yourself responsible to the highest standards of leadership helps drive personal as well as professional results.


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