How to Make Sure Your Employees are Following Your Safety Standards

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How to Make Sure Your Employees are Following Your Safety Standards

Without suitable plans in place, employers often end up paying millions of dollars for work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses. Failure to implement safety standards can result in revenue losses, absenteeism and decrease productivity. As the employer, it’s your duty to ensure that your employees are able to work in a well-maintained and hygienic environment.

While there are safety risks in every industry, the management should create and implement concrete strategies to improve health, safety and comfort of their workers. Request professional inspection for evaluation of risks, review stressful work schedules and comply with OSHA (Occupational and Safety and Health Administration) standards.

You can reduce the risks of accidents and injuries by taking adequate precautions and using effective strategies.


Create a Proactive Workplace Safety Culture

Discuss the importance of safety standards with your employees regularly and keep newcomers advised on company policy. Ensure that your employees have quick access to a first-aid kit and explain all the steps taken to minimize or eliminate hazards.


Inspect the Workplace

Conduct careful (take professional help if needed) inspections of the workplace and identify potential hazards including faulty equipment tools and machinery, dangerous chemicals and slippery surfaces. Ensure that all equipment is regularly cleaned, maintained and serviced.

Check the premises for clutter, messy floors, tangled cords and hanging wires.


Train and Reward Your Employees

Provide training to all employees, ensure that they have easy access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment including helmets, eyewear, gloves, shoes and coats) and insist that they should complete their safety training procedures.  Give small rewards to employees who diligently follow safety practices.


Encourage Employees to Take Regular Breaks

Suggest regular breaks during which employees can stretch themselves, walk around and relax. Even five-minute breaks can help loosen tight muscles and reduce the risk of repetitive injuries.

Make it easier for employees to discuss health problems and report hazards. Also, consider introducing new employees to safety protocols right from day one and conduct regular meetings so that everyone is aware of the safety rules and procedures that they should follow.


Taking Proper Precautions Can Help Reduce Workplace Risks

Any employer who violates OSHA rules are likely to face heavy fines, penalties or even have the business shut down.  Neglect of workplace health and safety standards can affect your bottom line, impact your brand image and destroy your relationships with clients, vendors and employees. Ensure that you invest in adequate Workers Compensation Insurance to cover unexpected costs.


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