The 5 Things You Need to Be Prepared for Your First Day on the Job

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The 5 Things You Need to Be Prepared for Your First Day on the Job

Depending on how well you’re prepared, the first day on your job can be memorable – or stressful. Now that you’ve landed the job, get ready for your first day at work and reduce your anxiety levels. What’s more, since the first day at work can be an overwhelming one, prepare yourself as much as you can the night before.

More often times than not, knowing what to do can help reduce first-day jitters and keep you calm. It may take a few days to get used to the new co-workers, responsibilities and surroundings but you can make a hassle-free transition by taking a few key steps in the right direction. Ensure that you check the following things off your to-do list before the big day:

    1. Research the Company

Research the company in detail including biographies of your team workers, performance, news and events, lay-offs and general company health.

    1. Pack Your Bag and Keep it Ready

Ask the HR contact in advance about what you should bring with you to the office. Remember to pack your laptop, pens, notebooks and phone charger. Try to avoid borrowing things on the first day.

    1. Prepare a Small Lunch Pack

You may not be sure about kitchen, refrigeration or microwave amenities in the office. Pack a simple grilled vegetable or meat sandwich – avoid packing an elaborate lunch.

    1. Plan Your Outfit

Choose more conservative outfits for the first few days (request HR for help if needed) until you get a chance to observe the general dress code in the office. Keep your outfit washed or dry-cleaned and remember to polish your shoes.

    1. Get Familiar with the Route to Work

Check the route to work beforehand and verify the address of your new office to avoid being late on the very first day.

Preparation Can Help Prevent Last-Minute Confusion

The first day at a new job can often be stressful and taking a proactive approach helps set the tone for your job experience with the new company. Keep a water bottle ready, double-check your paperwork, set your alarm properly and ensure you get enough sleep the night before. Even if you don’t know what to expect, preparing beforehand helps you get in control and start off your new job on the right note.

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