How to Attract New Skilled Trade Candidates During a Labor Shortage

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How to Attract New Skilled Trade Candidates During a Labor Shortage

There aren’t too many people who will complain about a good economy, especially low unemployment rates, but a booming economy does present some challenges for certain industries – mainly that the demand for a skilled trade workforce exceeds the current supply. Where you once had candidates filing through your door, you’re now hearing crickets. 

Labor shortages can also occur in response to a lack of educational resources for skilled trades. Either way, you’re left with a pressing need to fill positions, but a limited pool of skilled trade candidates to choose from.  

Trust that there are toplevel skilled trade workers out there looking for an opportunity just like the one you’re ready to provide. The challenge is knowing how to attract them to your company when so many others are vying for their attention. Here are a few tips that will position your company to be the one that skilled trade workers want to connect with.  


Place Value on Experience

Does the job description for your skilled trade positions require a college degree from your candidates? If so, you could be missing out on top talent. There is an incredible pool of talent out there that has been cultivated through onthejob experience, apprenticeships and skilled trade programs. A college degree, especially in an unrelated field, shouldn’t hold nearly the weight that experience does for trade jobs. Try reconsidering your criteria and open yourself up to a larger, more invested talent pool.  


Attract Fresh Talent With Entry-Level Programs

Sometimes, the best candidates are the ones who are just getting their foot in the door. Consider offering apprenticeships, onthejob training programs or internships to attract candidates who are eager to learn, full of enthusiasm and bring a fresh perspective to the position.  

Start by connecting with any local vocational or trade schools in your area to discuss collaboration on an internship program. Another strategy is to attend job fairs where you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your company to graduating high school seniors or college students who are interested in getting a head start with a great company.  


Be the Company They Want to Work For

Why should a skilled trade worker choose your company over the others? What are you offering that sets you apart? Today’s skilled trade workforce is looking for exceptional compensation packages and an environment they’ll want to grow in. This might also mean taking a look at your current infrastructure and ensuring it’s designed to foster success for workers who are willing to devote themselves to your company.  


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