How to Get the Most out of Your Part-Time Staff

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How to Get the Most out of Your Part-Time Staff

When you take a look at your staff, who do you consider to be the most valuable members of your team? Do you immediately look toward your full-time employees, maybe the ones that have put in a few years and have built up a history with your company? While these members of your team are valuable, it’s important to not overlook your part-time staff and the impact they make on your operation.

There’s a common misconception that part-time team members aren’t as invested in the company as their full-time coworkers. The truth is, part-time staff members are often looking for the right opportunity to highlight their talents and capabilities, and possibly secure a long-term, full-time position. Getting the most out of your part-time staff often involves nothing more than knowing how to cultivate your relationship with them and help them build upon their professional skills.

If you’re looking for ideas to get the most out of your part-time team members, these three strategies will help them feel valued and encourage them to maximize the effort they put into job performance.

Invest in Onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial, and often overlooked process for part-time employees. Employers might make the mistake of thinking their part-time staff members don’t require the same dedicated onboarding process as their full-time peers. Nothing could be further from the truth. An effective and thorough onboarding process not only helps part-timers feel as though they’re part of the team, it also provides them with all the tools they need to succeed at their job.

Provide Perks and Incentives

One of the downsides of being a part-time employee is that you miss out on all the benefits, perks and incentives that are provided to full-timers. While it might not be financially beneficial for your company to offer part-time team members a full benefit package, you can express your appreciation for them and provide them with incentive to shine on the job by offering a modified benefit package or special perks.

Open the Lines of Communication

Too often, part-time employees feel that they don’t have a voice in the company environment. Part-time staff can provide a valuable and unique perspective on the operations of your business, and their input should be encouraged and appreciated. Make sure that part-time team members can easily communicate with management and that their input is thoughtfully considered.

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