5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Temp Workers

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5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Temp Workers

It’s no secret that companies where employees feel valued and appreciated are more productive, rewarding places to work – which equates to success on every level. There are plenty of ways to express gratitude to permanent employees, however temp workers are often left out of the equation.

Companies that work with temporary workers understand that there are challenges to expressing gratitude and rewarding a job well done, all while staying in line with budget constraints – which are often a primary motivation for choosing to work with temporary workers in the first place.

So, how can you show your gratitude to temp workers, and foster a positive work environment they enjoy being part of? Here are 5 ways to show temp workers how important they are to your company.

Don’t Wait for a Special Occasion

Expressing appreciation for your team isn’t something that should wait until it’s time for performance reviews. Make it a daily habit of engaging with your team, temp workers included. Say hello, ask them how they’re doing, what challenges they’re facing, and how you can help. Daily interaction fosters a more communicative environment, which helps workers feel more appreciated.

Be Their Advocate

Temp workers sometimes feel transient, and that their voices is minimized in the company culture. It’s up to you to ensure they feel every bit as important to the company’s success as permanent employees. If there’s an issue for one of your temp workers, or for the team as a whole, go the extra mile to advocate for them and bring about the changes they need to be successful in their jobs.

Get Personal

Don’t let praise for a job well done come down through the pipeline. It’s great to be acknowledged for a job well done, but that acknowledgement means more when it’s delivered personally. Don’t hesitate to not only deliver major praise in person, but also stop and acknowledge the daily accomplishments of your temp team as you see them.

Make It Public

Create a system for publicly sharing personal and team accomplishments. This might be something like a bulletin board in the employee area that highlights client or customer feedback, news of employee awards, or general praise for a job well done. Newsletters and emails to announce special praise are also appreciated. These small steps create an environment where temp workers know their hard work is being noticed by everyone.

Foster a Positive Environment

Finally, do what you can to keep negativity at bay and foster a positive environment of teamwork and open praise. Plan regular events for your staff, such as weekly or monthly lunches or meetings that take fun twist with team building games.

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