Making a Decision When You’re Torn Between Two Great Candidates

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Making a Decision When You’re Torn Between Two Great Candidates

Finding the right candidate for the job isn’t always easy. In an economy that’s favorable for many industries, the demand for qualified workers exceeds the supply. Candidates are in the position to be selective about the positions they apply for and can leave hiring managers with a limited talent pool to choose from.

Considering this, making the tough decision between two equally qualified, great candidates doesn’t seem like a terrible problem to have, and it isn’t. Still, it’s challenging to decide between the two, while hoping you pick the one that’s the best long term fit for your company.

Obviously, this isn’t a decision that should be left up to the flip of a coin. Here are a few tips for making sure you hire the best candidate for the job when you have the luxury of a choice.

Think About the Long Term

Who you offer the position to is about more than bringing someone on board with a gleaming resume. You might be tempted to offer the position to the person with the most experience, or the one who can start immediately, but you should also be thinking beyond the short term.

Which candidate has the most potential to grow with your company long term? Is this position just a stepping stone for one, while the other sees its as an opportunity to build upon their experience and grow within your company? Look at long term potential and what you expect in terms of staying power before offering the job.

Consider the Company Culture

How a person fits into your company culture is going to have an effect on their overall job satisfaction, and as result play a direct role in how likely they are to stay and thrive in the position. Hiring a more qualified candidate who doesn’t seem to be a good fit for your company culture can end up costing your more resources through turnover. Assess the candidate’s personality, as well as their credentials, before making the offer.

Who Is Most Likely to Say Yes?

Once you make an offer, there’s a sift that places the power in the candidates hands. This is their opportunity to assess details such as salary, benefits, growth opportunities, and how they feel about your company. It’s also their chance to negotiate and weigh other offers they may have on the table.

Look back on your interview and take into consideration whether one candidate seems more likely to immediately accept the offer. This is the person who is enthusiastic about working for your company and won’t have any seeds of doubt about taking your offer when another was on the table.

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