5 Ways Clerical Workers Can Organize Their Workday

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5 Ways Clerical Workers Can Organize Their Workday

You’ve arrived at the office and settled in for another day’s worth of work. You look at the start of the new day with a sense of optimism, that is until you take a look at your agenda. There seems to be a never-ending list of to-dos, with more being piled on by the minute. Clerical work can become overwhelming, and job success often depends on how well you manage the tasks being delivered to your desk from every direction.

Increasing your productivity on the job, and building your professional skillset boils down to effectively organizing and managing your work life. Here are 5 tips that successful clerical workers implement to organize their work life.

Compartmentalize Your Day

Lack of focus can sabotage your day, but it’s easy to get distracted when you’re constantly dealing with interruptions and trying to multitask at the same time. Take a note from professional organizers and streamline your workday by simplifying it. Schedule your work day according to tasks or compartments. For instance, set aside a chunk of time to work on billing disputes, or for contacting clients. Be realistic and allow ample time for each.

Make Time for the Necessities

If you’re constantly checking email or being distracted by the ping of notifications, you can save yourself time and become more productive by setting aside specific times to deal with these daily work necessities. Allow yourself 15 minutes at the start of the day to check and respond to messages. Then schedule email and text check-ins right after lunch and at the end of the day, if necessary. Avoid the urge to check any other time of day unless you’re expecting an important correspondence.

Schedule Regular Breaks

Think you don’t have time for a break? Think again. Taking regular breaks actually makes you more productive and allows you to get more work done in less time. Small breaks throughout the day allow you to clear your mind and refocus. Take a 10-minute break every few hours and resist the urge to work through your lunch hour.

Clear Your Space

Your environment can have a direct effect on how clear and organized your thoughts are. Have you ever sat at a messy desk, completely overwhelmed by the smallest task? Visual clutter is distracting, even when you don’t realize it. Keep your workspace clear and free of distracting clutter.


The way you communicate throughout the day can affect your productivity. It’s seems easy to shoot off a few emails or texts, but then you’re constantly checking in for a reply. The simpler, streamlined approach is to contact the person you need to communicate with directly – either in person or via phone. This eliminates the time spent waiting for a reply, and you can immediately get back on course for the rest of your workday.

Organized Clerical Workers Deserve Exceptional Opportunities

Clerical workers who are organized, effective, and successful at their jobs are in high demand. You deserve to the opportunity to work for the best companies, and we’re the staffing agency that can help connect you with them. Contact us at Top Notch Personnel to learn what opportunities in clerical work are available and how you can grow your career through them.

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