4 Interview Questions Managers are Asking Tech Candidates

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4 Interview Questions Managers are Asking Tech Candidates

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or how certain you are of your ability to land the job – preparing for an interview can leave your nerves frazzled. How you project yourself, and the confidence you exude during the interview will likely play a significant part in the employer’s hiring decision. You want to put your best foot forward, and that means being prepared for every question that might be asked.

There is plenty of advice floating around about preparing to answer the standard interview questions, but little advice on preparing specifically for a tech interview. Today’s tech employers are looking for a combination of practical hands on experience, and evidence of critical thinking, self-motivation, and a desire and ability to grow along with the industry. Here are 4 must ask question on the list of tech hiring managers.

How Do You Keep Your Skillset Up To Date?

The tech world is constantly changing, and employers want to know that your current skillset is relevant, and that you have an interest in keeping up with the changes in the industry. If you haven’t taken steps to stay up to date with your skills, look at options for doing so. What classes can you take? Are there any certifications that can enhance your value in the tech field?

Can You Explain Tech Processes in Non-Tech Terms?

Not everyone you deal with on a daily basis is going to be knowledgeable on tech related topics. How you communicate with customers, clients, and non tech personnel you encounter influences your professional success. Polish up your skills for communicating technical aspects in non-technical terms before your interview.

What Types of Tech Projects Do You Work on In Your Spare Time?

Is tech something that’s just a job, or do you have an avid interested in tech related topics – even when you’re not on the clock? While employers don’t expect you to live and breath all things tech related, they are looking for evidence that this isn’t a passing interest, and that you have staying power as an employee. Learning more about your outside interests in tech is a way for them to discover more about you as a valuable team member.

What Qualities Are Most Important In the Tech Field?

Employers want a better idea of your perspective on tech related positions. Do you think that it’s all about having the most up to date skills and certifications or is there more to being successful in the industry. Employers are looking for candidates that recognize that communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to work as part of a team are all equally important to the job.

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