5 Easy Ways to Take More Initiative In the Workplace

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5 Easy Ways to Take More Initiative In the Workplace

What do people who take initiative in the workplace know that others don’t? They know how to get noticed by management, they know how to cultivate a path to career advancement, and they know how to lead more gratifying lives – both in the professional world and once they leave the office behind. Knowing how to take initiative is one of the most important life skills you can ever gain.

What if taking initiative isn’t something that comes naturally to you? There are ways you can step up, take initiative, and make a name for yourself in the workplace, all relatively painlessly. Here are 5 of the most effective.

Don’t Be an Island

Remember that old cliché about how there is no “I’ in teamwork? It turns out there is a fair amount of truth to it, especially if you want to be someone who is known for taking initiative in the workplace. Get involved at work, start thinking of yourself as a team member and develop an interest in what’s happening on a larger scale at work.

Go Above and Beyond

You’ve probably heard this one before, but there’s a lot to be said about doing a little extra in the workplace. We’re not talking about going way beyond what you’re being paid for, but more along the lines of volunteering for the task nobody wants to do or being the first to stand up and offer to fill in for a coworker who might be falling behind.

Recognize Your Worth

Stop second-guessing your worth in the workplace. Your opinion matters, and so do your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, even if you feel it might not be the most popular. Also, don’t back down from an accomplishment that you feel proud of. Instead, do a little shameless self-promotion. Doing so will boost your confidence and lead to being more proactive in the workplace.

Be a Mentor

Do you have a skill set that others could benefit from learning? Do you understand the frustrations of new team members coming on board? Step up and offer to be a mentor – even if not in an official capacity. Make it known that you’re available to answer questions and help.

Ask Questions

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Not only will you be better equipped to perform at a peak level on the job, but you might also spark some conversation and provoke some innovative ideas into bouncing around the office.

Take the Initiative to Find a Career You Love

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