4 Things to Do Immediately After a Great Interview

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4 Things to Do Immediately After a Great Interview

There’s no better feeling than the one that comes when you feel like you’ve aced an interview. What most job candidates fail to realize is that the interview itself is only the first step towards landing the job you’re hot after. It’s great if you can wow the interviewer, but chances are there are other qualified candidates vying for the same position and feeling equally confident about their interview performance. How you handle the post-interview period can help you stand out in the pack and earn the callback.

There several things you can do after an interview to keep the momentum going. Here are four steps to take immediately following an interview that will ensure your chances of success.

Conclude the Interview with Next Steps

One of the worst things you can do to conclude an interview is to leave without receiving details regarding what to do next. You might get the typical, “we’ll be in contact,” but that also leaves you completely disadvantaged and waiting for a reply.

Simply asking for a contact person’s information, and when you should follow up on their decision is acceptable, shows you’re actively interested in pursuing this opportunity further and eases the stress of the post-interview waiting period.

Keep the Details Fresh

Before the details of the interview slip from your memory, take the time to make some thorough interview notes for your records. Make notes of details such as what questions were asked, what your answers were, and what things you wish you would have said.

These might seem like minor details, but in the advent of a second interview, it’s good to refresh your memory and have an idea of what questions you want to present to them.

Get In Touch with Your References

If your interview went as well as you feel it did, then those references you listed are going to be contacted in the near future. It’s worth it to take a few minutes and reach out to each reference you listed to inform them of your new opportunity and that they will likely be contacted.

This is especially true for any references who might need to be reminded of who you are, and all your positive attributes. For instance, stay on top of contacting any educational references or employers of large teams you’ve worked for.

Be Timely with Your Follow Up

There’s a misconception that the follow up is a nuisance to the hiring manager. The reality is that hiring managers like to be acknowledged for the time they spent with you during your interview, plus a well-crafted follow up puts you in a positive, professional light.

Don’t hesitate too long to send a follow-up email. The same day, or the next day, is appropriate for sending an email that expresses your appreciation for the interview, provides any additional needed details and reinforces why you’re a great fit for the position.

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