How to Be the Popular Temp Everyone Wants to Work With

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How to Be the Popular Temp Everyone Wants to Work With

As a temp worker, you understand firsthand the challenge of being placed with a great employer. When such an opportunity presents itself, you want to be at the top of the most wanted list – not only for a priority call back on the position but also to improve your chances of possibly earning a fulltime position with a top company. To do this, you need to stand out and exceed the expectations that employers have of their temp workers.

Want to know how to be the temp worker that employers clamber over? Here are 3 strategies to help you rank at the top of the popularity list.

Take Time to Learn About the Company

As a temp, the last thing you want is to be the new person on the team that sticks out like a sore thumb. The way to win over the accolades of employers and climb your way to the top of the popular temp worker list is to spend a little time learning about the company you’re working for, no matter how temporary the position.

The reasons for doing this are simple. Not only will learning about the company and its culture allow you to fit in better from day one, but it also shows your employer that you’re someone who takes the initiative to go above and beyond expectations.

Research the Position and Ask the Right Questions

Ask any employer what they consider to be the biggest challenge of working with temp employees, and the answer will almost always be the training process. On their end, training requires resources and costs them in terms of efficiency. This is a pretty big investment, and any temp employee who makes this process easier is going to stand out in a good way.

Learn a little bit about the position you’re stepping into ahead of time, including what your core responsibilities will be. Are there any new programs, equipment, or procedures that you’re unfamiliar with? Come to your training session prepared with an idea of what questions to ask and where you’re training will need to be most focused.

Know Your Limits

Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when it’s someone who’s new on the job. Confidence is a great thing but it’s equally important to understand your limits on the new job. For example, share your opinions and then listen objectively to the replies. Get to know your coworkers, without getting too up close and personal at first. Take the time to feel out the internal “hierarchy” before trying to wedge your way in.

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