Back to Work Checklist: Returning to Work after COVID-19

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Back to Work Checklist: Returning to Work after COVID-19

Over the last few months, many millions of Americans have lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it was due to illness, business shutdowns, or stay-at-home measures. But now that researchers are predicting a drop in cases and state-enforced shutdowns are beginning to expire, thousands of Americans will be returning to work.  

Whether you are returning to a previous job or trying to secure a new position, there are a number of things that workers need to keep in mind when returning to the workplace: 

1. Review your company’s COVID-19 policies and procedures

Your employer has likely created a guide outlining the new procedures, practices, and regulations that have been put in place as a result of the pandemic. Be prepared to submit to a temperature check or COVID-19 screening if it is required. 

2. Make a back to work risk assessment for you and your family

Take time to consider the exposure risks associated with your position, such as proximity to other workers, travel, and other high-risk indicators. Then, make a plan to mitigate these risks.  

3. Maintain social distancing guidelines

In order to maintain the predicted downward trend in COVID-19 cases, it is essential that employers and employees follow all state and federal guidelines regarding social distancing. The federal Opening Up America Again suggestions include hand-washing, face-masks, and health monitoring.  

4. Create a personal workplace safety kit

Hand sanitizer, extra face masks, gloves, and a medical thermometer are not a bad thing to keep with you in the workplace or glove compartment just in case.  

5. Modify your workplace accordingly

If your workplace operates off of an open floorplan, consider ways to protect your personal workspace from possible contamination. Simple plexiglass panels can be installed as inexpensive desk dividers.  

6. Monitor your health 

If you are feeling ill, do not go to work, and contact your medical provider for advice.  

7. Remember that it’s not ‘business as usual’

For many people, the idea of getting back to work is a relief, and for others, an absolute necessity. But the post-COVID workplace isn’t going to be the same as it was before, at least not for some time.  

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