Tips for Boosting Your Work-From-Home Productivity

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Tips for Boosting Your Work-From-Home Productivity

Over the last few years (and months, especially), there has been a considerable amount of research on how work-from-home employees can be just as productive as on-site employees, if not more so. But ask anyone in your personal network and you might find that your living room or make-shift home office is not, in actuality, the best place to get work done.   

Whether you are on furlough or have secured a new remote or partially-remote position, managing your own productivity is paramount for success. Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of working from home: 

1.) Treat Your Workdays Like Workdays 

One of the biggest pitfalls of working from home is taking advantage of the less structured workdays. By creating a structured work plan for the week and sticking to it, it is possible to get a lot more done, as opposed to realizing that it’s 6 pm and you haven’t even started yet.   

2.) Dress for Success 

Avoid the temptation to work in your pajamas, gym shorts, or favorite t-shirt. While this kind of thing can be a fun novelty on Casual Friday, it is depriving your brain of the necessary “getting ready for work” period of planning and micro-strategizing.  

3.) Protect Your Workspace 

Not everyone has enough room at home to build a dedicated home office, but it is still possible to create a defined workspace that will help you stay on track with your daily work. Simple room dividers are a lightweight and cost-effective way to claim a little corner of the basement or living room.   

If you are working from home with multiple people, then it might be necessary to create a set of ground rules regarding interruptions, noise level, etc.   

4.) Make Communication a Top Priority 

For employers, one of the most significant drawbacks of remote positions is the reduced communication and “team energy” that is possible with a more traditional morning staff meeting. For conference calls, email responses, and more, dedicate yourself to effective, prompt, and enthusiastic communication.  

Creating a real team atmosphere can be difficult with remote work, but it is highly necessary if you are trying to convince an employer to support more remote positions and/or hours.  

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