What COVID-19 Can Teach Businesses About Effective Crisis Management

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What COVID-19 Can Teach Businesses About Effective Crisis Management

As global cases of COVID-19 begin to drop, it is time for business owners and managers to take stock of the various lessons that can be learned from what we all just went through. After all, the effects of COVID-19 are not gone yet, and in addition, new crises are sure to arise in your company’s future. 

By internalizing the following three lessons, managers can prepare themselves and their companies to address the next challenge head-on. 

1.) Create a safe and reassuring atmosphere  

In times of crisis, the first and most important role of the leader is to provide reassurance. Employees will react to crises by activating “fight or flight” mode, and the sooner this mode is de-activated, the better. 

Even overly simplistic statements like “Don’t Worry” and “We’re going to get through this” can have a huge impact on team morale, especially when they are offered with sincerity and passion.  

2.) Be open and specific about the company’s response strategy 

No matter what kind of crisis you are facing, the buildup of stress and anxiety within your workforce can lead to additional issues that extend past the crisis itself. Being forthright about your response strategy can help alleviate an employee’s sense of helplessness.  

This is even true in situations where the official strategy also involves some bad news. By remaining as translucent and open as possible, managers can keep anxiety levels down and establish trust.  

3.) Foster a sense of long-term, big-picture thinking 

One of the most important roles of the owner or manager is to keep an eye (or both) on the long-term strategies that will keep the company prospering into the future. Employees, on the other hand, do not always share this kind of big-picture thinking.  

By fostering a sense of long-term vision, it is possible to lead employees to an understanding of both the severity of the crisis and what they can expect from it.  

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