How to Keep Employees Happy & Productive During the Summer

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How to Keep Employees Happy & Productive During the Summer

Summertime brings warmer weather and, unfortunately for many businesses, lower productivity. Many employees are daydreaming about vacation, wishing they were outside, or simply aren’t as focused as they are throughout the other three seasons of the year. If you’re trying to figure out how to keep employees happy and productive during the summer, consider implementing some of these suggestions within your company.  

Offer Different Hours 

Many businesses have begun to offer flexible hours or workdays for employees. They can especially help during the summer when most employees are distracted by beautiful, warm weather. Some possible schedules you may offer might be four-day work weeks or half days on Fridays. This can give your team something to look forward to and help them remain productive throughout the week.  

Support Remote Workers 

In the age of COVID-19, many people are working from home. However, that is not possible with every job all the time. If you can support remote working during the summer, this will help your staff be able to continue working while taking care of things at home or traveling. It also offers up more flexibility, which tends to make employees more productive and happy overall.  

Think About Offering Daycare Services 

Another potential option you may consider offering to employees is a daycare for their children. This is not for every organization and may not make sense for yours. Finding quality, reliable childcare can be difficult, though. Having it readily available to your employees can greatly improve their productivity as well as their loyalty to the company as a whole by helping them achieve a better work-life balance. 

Set Short-Term Goals 

Generally speaking, employees are happier and more productive when they feel like their work is making a difference. Setting short-term goals within your large projects will help them see and feel the progress they are making. This will help improve morale all year round.  


Anyone still working in an office space or physical business should consider revamping the decor for the summer as well. Add more bright colors into space. Think about adding some plants and flowers as well. Improving the office environment will improve the staff’s overall sense of well-being and increase productivity.   

Propose Outdoor Activities  

Encourage your employees to go outside during the workday, whether it is for lunch, a walk, or planned activities. You may even consider offering outdoor workspaces. Getting some fresh air and enjoying the summer sun can help boost employee productivity.  

Hold Employee Appreciation Events 

Finding ways to show you appreciate the efforts of your staff is important. It gives your employees something to look forward to that is related to work and allows you to say “thanks.” Schedule an appreciation event in the middle of the summer and show your staff how much you appreciate their dedication and focus.  

You may also consider holding other events to boost office morale. For instance, many workplaces hold casual Fridays, which helps the office wind down a little before the weekend.    

Host an event Outside the Office 

If possible, have your team meet outside the office. Schedule a company lunch or dinner once a month. You may also consider holding some of your meetings outside the office. For example, if you are having a client planning meeting, bring the team out to a coffee shop or somewhere outside their typical workspace to discuss things.  

Hire Temp Employees 

Hiring temp employees can also help your team be more productive throughout the summer. A contract worker will be able to come in and help with your projects and allow the rest of your full-time team to get the breaks and vacations they need (and want) during the summer.

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