How to Keep Your Kids Busy When Working From Home This Summer

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How to Keep Your Kids Busy When Working From Home This Summer

During the pandemic, many people have transitioned into working from home or are searching for work-from-home positions. If you have children, finding your work-life balance may seem impossible right now. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the kids busy when working from home. Here are a few quick tips that can help.  

Use the Technology You Have 

Whatever technology you have at home, use it to your advantage. For the most part, kids are buried in tablets and computer screens and that’s okay – at least for part of the day. You may also consider searching for educational material they can access on their devices. Company websites like Crayola and NASA Kids have plenty of fun learning activities for kids.  

If worse comes to worst and you are on a tight deadline, putting a movie on is always a classic go-to option. Find a movie your children really want to see and put it on. You will have at least a couple of hours to focus.  

Simple is Okay Too 

Although technology can be a great tool for keeping the kids busy when working from home, old-school activities are just as effective. Think about some of the games you played and the things you did as a kid. Set up those activities for your children. Some ideas include puzzles, scrapbooking, drawing with sidewalk chalk, crafts, and other activities. You may even consider teaching them a new craft or hobby to take up.  

Schedule Play Times 

You should also schedule both of your days out. Of course, you have a work schedule or a to-do list. Have set times where you are taking care of those things and they are playing. Set out a few of their favorite toys or set up a playdate with a friend. Find ways to keep them busy during your most productive hours of the day.  

Have Designated Spaces  

To be truly successful at working from home with your kids in the house is to have designated spaces for everything. Set up a workspace for yourself and let your children know that when you are there, you are working. You should also have a set play area for your kids. Designating space for these activities draws a boundary line for your child to help them know when you are working, you cannot be bothered. This, in addition to scheduled times, will help give them some structure in their lives.   

Have a Backup Plan 

No matter what you have planned for the kids throughout the day, you should always have a Plan B. If your original plan was to have the kids play outside, have an indoor activity planned for them as well. Similarly, if you set up a playdate, have a fallback plan if things are canceled. This will save you from stressing over what the children will be doing to stay busy while you’re working during the day.  

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