7 Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Cool in the Summer

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7 Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Cool in the Summer

After months of cooler weather, many people look forward to warmer summer days. However, for warehouse managers and employees, the summertime often means hot days at work. The heat can damage employee morale and decrease overall productivity. Here are a few ways you can keep the temperature down in your warehouse.  

Use Fans and Portable Units 

The addition of fans and portable air conditioning units to your warehouse can make a huge difference. High volume, low-speed fans are typically used in warehouses because they can cool down larger spaces. You can also use large, portable industrial fans to station throughout your warehouse to help with your cooling efforts.  

One of the most effective ways to keep your warehouse cool in the summer is by adding portable air conditioning units throughout the space. This directs the A/C to where it is needed and nowhere else. They can help decrease energy costs while keeping the temperature lower.  

Just Turn Down The Air 

Although the air conditioning cost for your company will go up when you keep the temperature down, it will be worth it. Keeping your warehouse cool will help increase productivity and decrease the risk of accidents due to the overwhelming heat. After all, you won’t have to keep it as cool in a few months’ time.  

Add a Dehumidifier to the Warehouse 

Decreasing the humidity in the air will help lower the temperature, or at least how hot it feels, in the warehouse. By adding a dehumidifier to the room, you can help create a cooling effect. While this shouldn’t be the only thing you should do to keep it cool, it can be a good supplemental tool.  

Service Your Machines 

Oftentimes older factory machines will run hot. Service your machines before summer starts to ensure they aren’t adding any heat to your warehouse. Doing this small thing can help lower the temperature more than you’d think.  

Have the Building Inspected 

Schedule an inspection for your warehouse. See if the insulation is good and make note of any other improvements you can make to help keep it cooler in the summertime. This may include replacing your roof and insulation, as well as looking into remodeling to help improve circulation. These things will help keep your warehouse cool, but they will push your overall energy costs lower over time.    

Examine the Doors and Windows in Your Warehouse 

If your warehouse is older, you may consider upgrading your windows and doors. Adding screens to your windows to allow the flow of air without insects flying in can help improve circulation. You should also inspect your doors. Ensure everything is closed tightly and not letting air in or out. Be sure that any slid-up delivery doors or truck doors are also close throughout the day.  

Separate Sections of the Warehouse  

Some warehouses also use vinyl hangings to separate different parts of the warehouse. This will help prevent hot air from one side of the warehouse to move to another. It will also keep certain areas of the warehouse cool throughout the day.  

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