12 Secrets to Making Your Office THE Place to Work

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12 Secrets to Making Your Office THE Place to Work

All employers want their workplaces to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The fact of the matter is that the best way to achieve such a herculean feat is not through endless meetings and planning sessions, but through a series of small – and consistent   strategies to ensure your employees are happy and healthy 

When employees are happy and feel valued, employers benefit by higher levels of efficiency and productivity, since they are more likely to give their best.  

Here are 12 things you can start implementing today to improve employee morale, even in the midst of a global pandemic.  

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the best ways to make sure your employees are content is to keep them in the loop. Convey all information clearly and concisely, and communicate via a wide variety of platforms.  

2. Avoid Secrets

Your employees want to know they can trust you. Be transparent with financial documents, plans and goals. Share company failures, as well as successes.   

3. Reward Excellence

It’s extremely important to identify ways to reward your employees for their hard work and a job well done. Look for standouts, and find ways to publicly acknowledge those who are exceeding expectations.  

4. Don’t Be a Stranger

Your employees want to know who they are working for. While you don’t have to give them the most intimate details of your life, let them see your personality and know a bit of who you are outside of work. 

5. Be Open to Feedback

Giving your employees the opportunity to provide genuine feedback will go a long way towards making them feel valued and respected. Listen to what they have to say.  

6. Help Your Employees Succeed

Find ways to help your employees improve. Whether it is college tuition incentives, extended training, or even health and wellness incentives, try to come up with ways for them to become their best versions of themselves.  

7. Provide Training for Management

People don’t want to work for managers that haven’t been properly trained.  Make sure your managers know what they are doing.  

8. Don’t Forget the Fun

Bring in a food truck, have an ice cream party, or head to the park for a field day. What you do is not nearly as important as simply taking time away from the office to have a little fun together.  

9. Work as a Team

Make sure you are building up a team mentality. You want your employees to be looking out for one another, and recognize that everyone rises and falls together. 

10. Stay Organized

Your employees need to know that you are organized and prepared. Stay in-the-know with all company practices and procedures to make sure you are performing as efficiently as possible.  

11. Find Solutions

Your company should be solution-oriented, and that needs to come from the top down. Find solutions rather than complaints, and ask your employees to do the same.  

12. Remember to Rest

Be intentional about giving your employees scheduled breaks. This will help them feel rested, and subsequently translate into increased productivity and better morale.  

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