7 Reasons to Consider 2nd or 3rd Shift Jobs During COVID-19

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7 Reasons to Consider 2nd or 3rd Shift Jobs During COVID-19

Certain industries seem used to working first shift no matter what. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up the number of second a third shift jobs available. For those searching for work, these positions can be beneficial in unexpected ways. Here are a few reasons for candidates to consider working the second or third shift.  

More Flexibility   

Shifting to a second or third shift job can be daunting if you’ve worked first shift most of your career. It is undoubtedly a transition, but it can also expand the flexibility of your schedule. Oftentimes, second and third shift positions are also flexible in the days and hours worked. Although many people think these hours are inconvenient for work, they can actually provide more flexibility in your day.   

Avoid Traffic and Regular Hours Woes   

Working during the second or third shift will also get rid of any current nine-to-five traffic woes you have. You won’t be driving during the typical working hours. In fact, you’ll usually miss any traffic altogether.   

Higher Availability   

The pandemic has made it necessary for many businesses to alter schedules, making second and third shift workers in higher demand. This makes it so fewer peop[le are in the workplace at one time, limiting possible COVID-19 exposure. Because of this, there are more of these jobs available.   

No Waking Up Early   

For some, another possible perk of taking on a different schedule is not being required to wake up early. Not everyone is a morning person, so this can be a plus. It can also allow you to focus on getting enough rest and maybe fitting in some exercise before your workday.    

Save Money on Childcare   

Taking on a second or third shift position can save you money if you are a parent as well. Many kids are attending school virtually or doing at least part of their education from home right now. Switching your work schedule can help you better manage your children’s new schedule. If your kids are in daycare, being home throughout the day and working the second or third shift while your partner is home can also help save your household money.   

Make Appointments During the Week   

It is also a great perk to be able to make appointments and run errands throughout the week. Many people who work nine-to-five positions have to take time off for doctor’s appointments and other regular errands. Working a non-traditional shift can allow you to make time for those appointments during the day without disrupting your work schedule.    

Added Opportunity    

Last, but not least, consider a second or third shift job during COVID-19 may help unlock other career opportunities for you. If you are working in the evenings or overnight, you have time during the day to further your career with training and education materials. You may even consider taking on a contract position or side hustle if your schedule allows for it.   

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