Affordable & Effective Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation This Holiday Season

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Affordable & Effective Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation This Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching, and this year has been a difficult one. As always, the season provides companies with opportunities to do good things with business as well as good things for their staff. Many businesses are looking at how they might show their employees appreciation this season without hurting the company’s budget. Here are several cost-effective but impactful ways managers can show their employees appreciation this year.   

Treat Them to Lunch   

A holiday luncheon for your employees and their families is a great way to show appreciation. Lunch is also typically cheaper than hosting a dinner. Consider writing up thank you notes and putting together small party bags for the occasion too.    

Have Employee-Centered Holiday Communications    

Around the holidays, center more of your communications around things your employees are doing. For instance, you might create an employee-focused e-card to go out to your clients each year. This would make your clients feel more personally attached to your services, and your employees feel more recognized in the business.  

Give Small Gifts   

If possible, give your staff small gifts. Gift cards to local stores are always a good option. You may also consider gifting holiday dinner gift cards. Many local grocers offer deals for feasts around the holidays. Other good gifts might include pens, notebooks, and items with the company logo on them.   

Host a Workspace Decoration Contest   

You can boost workplace morale and team building by hosting a workspace decor contest. Let your staff decorate their work stations and then have a vote on who decorated best. The winners will receive a pre-determined prize. This can give your team something to look forward to and lift their spirits during the season.   

Encourage Goal-Setting    

It is important for employees to see how their positions fit into the company as a whole. Encourage individuals and departments to set goals for the coming year. The holiday season is a great time to set goal-setting meetings. Provide lunch or snacks for these discussions and encourage good brainstorming around them. This helps your staff feel like their ideas are heard, and their input is encouraged.   

Say Thank You   

Instead of saying “Happy Holidays” or even “Merry Christmas,” you should simply be saying thank you. Be sure to take the time to tell your employees how much you appreciate their hard work this holiday season. This is hands-down the most affordable and most effective way to depict your gratitude.    

Offer Flexibility   

One of the biggest ways you can show your employees appreciation this holiday season is by offering flexibility. Provide floating days off throughout the holidays to be sure all religions and holidays are recognized.   

Give your team time off and have a plan for keeping your projects seamless. Hiring contract workers or seasonal employees can help lighten the load on your full-time staff, allowing them the break they need around the holidays.   

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