Are You a Boss or a Leader?

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Are You a Boss or a Leader?

It is important to determine whether you are being a boss or a leader to your team. There is a distinct difference between the two, and it can make a huge difference in how your staff interacts with management. Managers can reflect on their own performance and determine if their actions in the workplace are appropriate. More importantly, they can decipher whether or not they are effective leaders.   

Lead Rather Than Push   

When assessing your management style, consider whether you lead your team or push them. A true leader will find ways to motivate their team and get the results they desire. If you are a boss rather than a leader, you will push your employees instead of directing them. This will often lead employees left to decide what direction a project takes.   

Provide Constructive Feedback   

Don’t scold your team. Instead, find a way to communicate the wrongdoing without being condescending. A good leader will offer advice and guidance in private, not in front of colleagues. They will also be able to offer under discipline in the form of redirection. When something isn’t working, a leader points their employee in the right direction.  

Listen to Your Staff    

If your staff has something to say, listen. Bosses typically make the mistake of shrugging off employee feedback and often talk over them when they speak. Leaders, on the other hand, will listen more than they talk. They are able to take in the values and opinions of others and later use them to make decisions for the team.    

Don’t Lead With Fear  

Leaders do not need fear to get results. Attempting to control your employees won’t get you anywhere. In fact, fear ultimately leads to poor morale and low productivity. A good leader will drive results by inspiring the team and showing confidence in their ability to get the job done.   

Seek Ways to Improve Equality    

Seeking equality in the workplace is something leaders often do while bosses seek power over others. Another difference between a boss and a leader is that bosses will choose one or two favorite employees on the team. Leaders, however, will be able to treat everyone equally and be able to consider everyone when making decisions.   

Work Alongside Your Team  

A good leader will also work alongside your team. Bosses will supervise their workers. Roll up your sleeves and take part in the core project your department is working on. Leaders are just as invested in the team’s work as their employees are. Having additional support from management helps spur along creativity and collaboration amongst the team.   

Invest Time   

Some bosses tend to choose favorites in the workplace. In some cases, they may even ignore certain employees altogether. A leader will invest time in getting to know every member of their team. Additionally, leaders look for ways to help their teams further develop their skills.   

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