The Importance of Maintaining Communication With Your Recruiter

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The Importance of Maintaining Communication With Your Recruiter

You want a staffing agency on your side in good times and bad times, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the current climate is, ensuring your resume and credentials are up to par with the industry standards is crucial. It is important to maintain consistent communication with your recruiter, especially throughout uncertain times, to ensure your success in landing your desired role. 

Displays Communication Ability for Potential Employers 

A recruiter is going to be more likely to suggest your resume to a potential employer if they know you are a good communicator. They don’t want to put an application in front of one of their clients for you not to respond.  

It will also give the recruiter a good idea of your communication style and preference. This will help your recruiter match you up with a good fit for employment. When they have information about your communication style, reliability, and preferences, they can determine if you will fit into the company culture or have the communication skills necessary for the job at hand.  

You’ll Come to Mind  

Staying in touch with your recruiter will come in handy when you are looking to make career moves or find new employment. If you maintain communication with them, you will come to mind when an employer is looking for a candidate.  

When a new request comes across their desk for talent, they’ll think, “I just heard from this candidate who may be a great fit.” This can put you ahead of other applicants if the job has not yet been publicly advertised. Additionally, many companies will consider the recommendation of their recruitment agency prior to other applicants. So, staying in touch could help land you an interview and, better yet, a new job.  

They Have Your Information on Hand 

If you have properly communicated with your recruiter and maintain a regular discussion, they will have your information on hand. This means they will have your employment preferences, such as salary, benefits, and hours. Your recruiter will also have access to your most up-to-date resume and any recent job history.  

Candidates who are working contract jobs during their job search may need to update their skills or experience more often. Other individuals may take courses or receive certifications that should be added to their CV. Maintaining communication with your recruiter will allow them to have your information up to date and on hand when an employer is interested.  

It Is a Two-Way Street 

When it comes down to it, effective recruiting is a two-way street. You must communicate with your recruiter on a regular basis if you want results in your job search. If you struggle with remembering to touch base, add reminders on your task manager to reach out. Depending on the intensity of your job search, you may want to reach out on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Whatever the case may be, ensuring you maintain your communication efforts is key to a successful recruitment relationship.  

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