Stay Safe on the Job This Winter with these 10 Tips

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Stay Safe on the Job This Winter with these 10 Tips

With every season change comes new risks in a manufacturing setting. In the winter, there is a higher risk of falling, catching a cold, or getting injured. Below are several key safety tips for light industrial workers on the job during the winter months.  

Take Your Hands Out of Pockets   

Having your hands in your pockets makes it more likely that you will fall. It throws your balance off. So, when you are walking in an area that may have ice or there is a potential for falling, keep your hands by your side and out of your pockets.  

Use Mittens   

Believe it or not, mittens are better for the workplace in the winter than gloves. While gloves may seem to be easier to use when grabbing things, mittens will keep your fingers together and warmer.   

Stretch Before Strenuous Work  

Some workspaces may need to be shoveled. There may be other strenuous activity performed during the winter months as well. Before starting these more labor-intensive tasks, stretch. It can help you prevent possible injury.    

Cut Down Caffeine and Nicotine Breaks   

It is also a good idea to cut down the coffee and cigarette breaks if you are performing more strenuous activities. Both caffeine and nicotine contribute to increased heart rate. If you are clearing a snowy sidewalk or working on something hard, it could cause a cardiac event.   

Create Traction on Walkways   

Rock salt and kitty litter are both good things to use to create traction on walkways. Spreading either of these in areas where people walk will help prevent falls in the workplace and other slipping-related injuries.    

Check Out Company Vehicles  

Before it gets too cold, service the company vehicles. Make sure everything is good to go for the winter months. If your area is one that gets a lot of snow, be sure each vehicle is equipped with chains for their tires, snow shovels, ice scrapers, blankets, and other items.   

Warm Up Machinery   

Vehicles and other machinery need more time to warm up during the colder months. Take the time to be sure it is warmed up thoroughly before starting a company car or machine.   

Be Prepared for Emergencies  

Think about the possible winter-related emergencies that could occur in your workplace and plan for them. For instance, if your company uses vehicles, be sure each one is equipped with what your employees would need if they were stranded on the side of the road. Have first aid kits readily available, matches, road flares, and other crucial items stocked up in each vehicle.   

Report Any Damaged Lines     

If there are any damaged lines in the workplace or they are witnessed on the job, they should be reported immediately. Damaged or down lines can be extremely dangerous.   

Avoid Deep Water   

Finally, when snow or ice melts, it can cause flooding. Avoid deep water at all costs. Anything deeper than six inches could potentially drag your car away. Consider this before crossing any standing, or moving, water.   

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