Here’s What You Should Say in an Exit Interview to Leave On a Good Note

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Here’s What You Should Say in an Exit Interview to Leave On a Good Note

When you want to leave a company on a good note, it can be difficult. Of course, there are reasons you want to leave, but you should also remain professional in your exit interview. Here are a few things employees should bring up during their exit interview to provide honest feedback and still leave on a good note.    

Things You Should Bring Up   

There may be multiple reasons you are leaving your job but think about the information you want to share in a professional setting. You will likely be asked some of the following questions in some form or another.    

  • Why are you leaving your job?   
  • What are the best parts of your job? What are the worst parts of the position?   
  • How would you rate your salary and benefits?   
  • How happy were you with the office environment?   
  • What are your feelings about your supervisors and managers?   
  • How do you feel towards your coworkers?   
  • Do you have any recommendations on how the company can improve?   
  • Would you recommend working for this company to others?    

At the very least, you should come prepared to answer the above in a professional manner. You should also take the tips below into consideration when preparing.   

Be Specific With Your Feedback   

When you are detailing your answers to the questions above, be specific in your response. Give examples of what you are referring to in the workplace. Being specific will also give more value and weight to your feedback. The employer is more likely to take your feedback seriously when given specific instances in the workplace.   

It is also a good idea to provide feedback that is actionable company-wide. For instance, if your main issue was a one-on-one problem, it wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss it in an exit interview unless there was a way you could point to company mismanagement or a department problem in some way.   

Don’t Be Bitter    

If you are not leaving on the best note, it is important not to be bitter in your exit interview. Again, to be taken seriously, be constructive in the feedback you give. When you sound bitter, it decreases your credibility. Remember, your tone and the way you say things is crucial.   

Give Positive Notes Too  

Even though you are leaving the company you are with, it is important to include some positive notes about your tie there as well. Of course, the company wants to know about its shortcomings, but one-sided negative complaints will not really give them a good idea about how to improve. Be sure to include things you enjoyed about working there and positive notes about your time there as well. This will provide a more fair, more accurate view of your experience within the business.   

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