Top Notch Personnel Celebrates Women’s History Month with Interview Incentives

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Top Notch Personnel Celebrates Women’s History Month with Interview Incentives

Highlighting women in the workplace can be a challenge. Especially in male-dominated fields such as construction, light industrial work, and aircraft industries. On International Women’s Day in March, Top Notch Personnel held interviews to help women applicants get into some of these fields. Of the individuals who came in for interviews, two-thirds were able to be matched with an employer because of the staffing agency’s efforts.

Our International Women’s Day Event

On International Women’s Day, we held an interview event to help place women in traditionally male-dominated fields. To incentivize their participation. Each woman who attended the event was given a free cup of coffee. This helped get more potential candidates in the door and in front of interviewers.

As mentioned above, a large number of these applicants actually landed the job they interviewed for. Without the help of Top Notch Personnel, it is possible that some of these applicants may have never gotten the chance to interview for these positions. At the same time, the companies may not have been able to get in touch with highly qualified female candidates.

However, this is not the limit of how Top Notch celebrates and lifts up women. In fact, we make it a priority throughout the year.

How Top-Notch Personnel Celebrates Women All Year Long

At Top Notch Personnel, we try to listen to people’s career goals and learn about each candidate’s experience no matter what their gender is. This puts us in a position to truly be able to place them in a job where they will succeed. For example, if you have good experience in light industrial work and display leadership skills. It is possible to assist you in identifying companies and positions that are a good fit for you.

Outside of identifying skills and abilities. Top Notch Personnel also strives to be diverse in the applicants we source and work with. We work to identify under-represented groups in each industry and push to include them in our search for new candidates. This helps us and the companies we work with move towards a more diverse workplace overall.

Additionally, Top Notch puts effort into eliminating hiring bias in any way we can. In many cases, it is possible to get rid of gender and name visibility during the application process. This way, your skills, and experience are presented first rather than physical traits.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

You have probably heard the term “breaking the glass ceiling” before. It refers to women or under-represented groups entering fields where they are not commonly seen. For many women, this means breaking into leadership roles and fields such as construction and industrial work. It can be difficult to even get interviews for these positions at times because there is still industry bias.

As a woman, it isn’t easy to see a clear path into a male-dominated industry. So a little help can go a long way. Working with a staffing agency can help with breaking into a field that may present this obstacle. See how the recruiters at Top-Notch Personnel can help you break into the career of your dreams.

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