Boeing on the Rise: What That Means for Wichita

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Boeing on the Rise: What That Means for Wichita

February was the first month that Boeing had more orders than cancellations, which is a huge turning point in the Wichita community. This is great news for people searching for work in the area. Not only is Boeing’s business on the rise, but so are the employment opportunities.

More Orders Than Cancellations

The air travel industry took a huge hit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Fewer people were traveling than ever. Airlines laid workers off, and manufacturers like Boeing were facing a huge number of cancellations. February was the first month in over a year where Boeing, a major manufacturer, reported more orders than cancellations.

Boeing boasted 82 new orders, which were still offset by some cancellations. However, they still ended the second month of the year with 31 new orders. This is the first time since November 2019 that has happened. Airbus, a major competitor of Boeing, is still reporting major losses. In February, they showed they had 92 cancellations with only 11 new orders, leaving them far in the red.

Boeing’s 737 MAX Recertified

On top of the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down and helping production, Boeing’s 737 MAX series aircraft was also recertified in November. After several issues with the aircraft, including two crashes within two years resulting in 346 deaths, the plane had been grounded indefinitely. The recertification of the machine has also helped Boeing in a huge way. In fact, a major order of the 737 MAX was made by United Airlines in February, contributing to Boeing’s comeback.

What This Means For Jobs in Wichita

Because Boeing’s major manufacturing locations are in Wichita, this is great news for job seekers in the area. The growth the airplane manufacturer is seeing now will lead to an increase in jobs. Over time, once they see how the trend continues, more full-time positions will open up. This will help more people in the area find work and ultimately lead to a boom in the economy locally.

How Top Notch Personnel Can Help You

Top Notch Personnel works with companies like Boeing to help them find potential candidates for open positions. Jobs can range from temporary to full-time direct hires. Because the agency has an existing relationship with Boeing, they can assist you in landing a position with the company.

Just because you don’t have manufacturing experience doesn’t mean you can’t get a job with Boeing. The professionals at Top Notch are trained to help you identify skills that may be useful in open positions with any company. Your hard and soft skills combined may make you a great candidate for a new job that you would not have considered otherwise. Whether you are looking for something temporary or long-term, our team can help you find work.

Top Notch Personnel serves the Wichita area and has helped countless people find jobs where they thrive. Boeing’s rise in the area will expand the jobs being offered through the agency. Get in touch with one of our recruiters to learn more about the possibilities.